SYNTHMAS Giveaway #8: enter to win 1 license of AAS Multiphonics CV-1 or Chromaphone 3 (DONE) Winner Mails Out!

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Enter the Synth Anatomy SYNTHMAS giveaway #8 to win a license of Applied Acoustics Systems’ synth plugins Multiphonics CV-1 or Chromaphone 3 

Now the confusion is perfect. Yes, we are already on the 8th door on the Synth Anatomy SYNTHMAS advent calendar. So two SYNTHMAS giveaways are available right now on the website. Why two? Simple, I changed the rules and changed the start and end times which caused a slight glitch in the whole event.

I hope that it will continue as normal now. And behind the door 8 are again hidden two very exciting Synthesizer plugins.


SYNTHMAS Giveaway #8: AAS Multiphonics CV-1 or Chromaphone 3

For the SYNTHMAS Giveaway #8, I teamed up with my Canadian developers and friends of Applied Acoustics Systems. They sponsored a license of their new modular Synthesizer plugin Multiphonics CV-1 as well one of my all-time favorites Chromaphone 3. Sorry, I’m a little AAS fanboy. I love the sounds the plugins produce as well as the engines of them.

Multiphonics CV-1 is AAS ‘first modular Synthesizer plugin after the discontinuation of their almost legendary Tassman 4. It is not a further development but a completely new modular synth. It has parallels to a Eurorack Synthesizer but also many unique features that make it special.

Big highlight is its beautiful colorful user interface that makes patching very intuitive. Perfect to take your first modular steps in one plugin

Chromaphone 3 is not modular but so special that the plugin is difficult to compare with other synthesizers on the market. It is a dual layer physical modeling Synthesizer that focuses on super versatile percussive sounds.

The core features eight physically modeled acoustic resonators (strings, plates, drumheads, membranes, tubes…) giving you tools your hands to craft very realistic, organic sounds.

From acoustic, electronic to completely new types of percussive sounds, Chromaphone 3 is a beast and is part of live set since the first version. Deep textures that sound like glass or metal are also possible.

How Can I Participate 

Every day I open a door 12AM (CET) for 24 hours, which means you only have 24 hours to participate in the giveaway. Participating is super easy. Simply visit the article on the current door and comment under the article. Important: please let me know which plugin you would like to have. Chromaphone 3 or Multiphonics CV-1. There will be one winner each.

And don’t panic, comments have to be activated by me because of a spam pre filter. Please do not send your answer twice or more. And comments on Facebook, Twitter… don’t count!

After the 24 hours, I will draw the participants by a wild random generator. If you don’t like to end up in Google SEO with your name, I also allow you to only use your first name here. The most important thing anyway is a working e-mail with which I can contact the winner or the winners.

The Applied Acoustics Systems plugin run as a VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (Intel + M1) and Windows. The SYNTHMAS Giveaway #8 is available until 8th December 2021 11:59PM (CET).

AAS is currently running a holiday sale with a 50% OFF discount storewide on plugins, sound packs and upgrades.

More information here: Applied Acoustics Systems 


  1. Über den Multiphonics CV-1 würde ich mich sehr freuen. Sonst habe ich alles von AAS🤗.

  2. I really like the Chromaphone3 sound and have some of the soundpacks already so I would like to compete for that one.

  3. Chromaphone.for me. I feel like a kid excitedly opening the surprise doors in the 4 weeks before Xmas 🙂
    What will Santa Claus and Rudolph bring us this time?

  4. Chromaphone klingt hervorragend. Hatte mal die Demo-Version. Über eine Lizenz würde ich mich sehr freuen.

  5. Chromaphone 3 for me, please, so I can jingle bells all the way to Christmas Day! I thought about this comment for a full 10 minutes. Sorry.

  6. After every device they have made for Ableton, I have always dream of owning Chromaphone. Cheers!

  7. I’d very much want to acquire a copy of Chromaphone 3 under my arsenal 🙂 trillion thanks in advance and merry synthmas

  8. Sorry, there was a typo in my email address, should be good now. Once again, Chromaphone would be great as my only VSTi!
    Keeping fingers crossed!

  9. I would prefer the chromaphone,
    it always finds the perfect tone,
    the CV-1’s my second choice,
    its modular for brilliant noize!
    But actually I don’t really care,
    both of them are pretty rare,
    I’ll even be happy to take the left over,
    proud and inspired as the new owner!

    Happy Synthmas!

  10. Ich möchte gern Chromaphone 3 gewinnen. Ich habe bereits den Ultra Analog V3 und der klingt super!

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