Synth News 28/2023 – the best clicked and most discussed news of the week

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These are the best clicked and most discussed synth news of the past week, 28/2023 (July 10 – July 16, 2023).

In the new article series Synth News Best of, I look back on the past week on the Synth Anatomy website. It highlights the synth news that you read the most, i.e. received the most clicks and interactions here as well as on social media.

It should show which topics interested you the most. Depending on how many articles were published, this is either the BEST 5 or the BEST 10. Since it is currently summer, the amount of news is less.

Synth News 28/2023

Synth News 28/2023

The following news articles were the most clicked and the ones that caused the most discussion.

Amazon Prime Day Synth Deals 2023

Surprisingly, the click race made my article on the Amazon Prime Synth and Music Tech Deals 2023. Although there were few very good deals this year, readers were interested in which Synthesizer or music tech device they could get cheaper during this event.

The update that the Donner B1 was still available for €106 provided a small boost. I thought the little synth was long a non-topic. I was wrong.

Neutral Labs Elmyra 2

Neutral Labs Elmyra 2

Just before the start of the weekend, Neutral Labs unveiled the Elymra 2, the successor to the popular DIY project Elmyra 2. Hybrid with digital oscillators and analog filters, four voices, many original effects, front-panel character hacking, and available soon as standalone device or Eurorack module.

Physical Audio Modus

New on the physical modeling synth front. British developer Physical Audio presented Modus, a new physical modeling Synthesizer that uniquely explores the characteristics of strings and plates.

It uses a particular type of PM called collision modeling, where strings, plates, springs, and rattles collide, resulting in tones that resonate and react like in the real world.

Behringer Pro-800 Firmware Update

The last week was less Behringer-heavy. I’m afraid this week will probably be more intense as they have already teased new “releases” for the week. But there was news last week that generated a lot of interest.

Behringer published a new firmware for the Pro-800 Synthesizer with welcome improvements, including increased ranges for the VCF envelope and LFO to VCF mod amounts, poly aftertouch is back, and more. It was just a small piece of news but a big interest from the readership.

Sinevibes Four New Korg FXs

I was also surprised at the interest in the last news. No, the new Korg Nautilus AT didn’t make it into the list, but the four new Korg FX algorithms from Sinevibes. Hollow, Isomer, Luminance, and Vibrant are the names of these and bring new colors into the Logue series (NTS-1, minilogue xd, and prologue 8/16).

There are four new FX processors, including large lush reverbs perfect for ambient sounds, a spherical delay, and a high-quality classic recreated with Sinevibes’ DNA.


Last week, I also published a new SYNTH NEWS video on YouTube with many interesting topics. Especially what is currently going on at Korg and their product releases and respective price decisions. You can also grab a free sound pack for the Baby Audio BA-1 Synthesizer plugin.

Thank you for your visit, thank you for reading the articles, and I’m excited to see what the new week brings.

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