Destiny Plus Entanglement Space, a patchable experimental multi-fx processor

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Destiny Plus Entanglement Space is a patchable experimental multi-FX processor with 64 algorithms from the developers of the wild Czochralski cells drum Synthesizer

Effects are often just as fascinating as synths. Built-in effects in synths are often very classic. Therefore, many musicians/sound designers opt for external processors such as pedals, plugins or apps that give the classic delay or reverb. Companies like Chase Bliss, and Hologram Electronics come to mind. In the modular world, where you can modulate parameters with CV and create your own signal path, you can take effects even further.

That things can go even wilder and more experimental, shows today Destiny Plus. The developers caused a stir with their fully patchable drum synthesizer Czochralski cells. Their journey now continues into the effect world and there they continue where they left off before.

Destiny Plus Entanglement Space

Destiny Plus Entanglement Space

Entanglement Space is a patchable crazy effects processor. Just as wild and “WTF” as the Czochralski cells drum Synthesizer. However, this is not about drums but about wildly patching effects together.

The core consists of a quad 32-bit operation DSP effects processor with dedicated effects slots aka cores. A total of 64 algorithms are available and they are focused on highly experimental topologies, promise the developers. Each processor core features 16 unique selectable algorithms.

The exciting thing about these is not only the wild range of algorithms but also the possibility of enmeshing them to generate even deeper effects. And they support both signal processing in the stereo field and quadraphonic space.

It features an impressive number of experimental-flavored effects right in the unit that have little to do with classic bread-and-butter processors. Including:

  • wild reverb combos: delay mangled phase verb, double LFO mod reverb/spectral glass, reverb glitch, verb delay verb all pass feedback loops, distortion reverb buffer…
  • crazy delays: double modulation delay reverse base, ring mod delay, verb delay verb nested all pass loops, reverse modulation nano delay, pitch delay pre-delay offset…
  • bizarre modulation FXs: distortion chorus, ring mod phaser,  flanger verb modulator, buffer scanning, and flanger…
  • intruiging distortion FXs: distortion verb flanger…
  • reverse nano looper
  • spectral processors
  • and more

You get for each effect five dedicated parameters right on the interface. All without menu diving.

Entanglement space algorithms interpolate between pitch shifting and warping, amplitude modulating, spectral reverbs, ring mod delays, feedback delay network phasers and through zero reverb flanging time based effects. 

Destiny Space Entanglement Space

Patchable FX Madness

These effect algos sound wild already on the paper but it gets even wilder and crazier. Besides the 64 algorithms, Entanglement Space hosts 12 modulators with time-complicating attenuation allowing you to control the effects parameters with CV. For this, each processor core has individual in and out via banana jacks and quarter-inch formats.

This allows you not only to modulate parameters with CV but also to personalize the signal paths. For example to achieve complex feedback loops. Then, it has four controlled gates built-in and a 4-input pan directional mixer with stereo output.

I linked a sound demo where you get a first to hear how the whole thing can sound.

The developer’s sound demos show how the whole thing sounds. I’m pretty sure we are hearing 0.01% of the possible sonic options of this crazy FX processor.

First Impression

With the Czochralski Cells drum Synthesizer, Destiny Plus showed what fascinating experimental sound abysses drums can lead to. The Entanglement Space does the same with effects. A totally fascinating effect device with many crazy ideas. For sound designers like Richard Devine or Ivo Ivanov from Glitchmachines, this device will be very tempting.

Destiny Plus Entanglement Space availability and price TBA. Please contact the developer on the website.

More information here: Destiny Plus

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  1. i can’t listen to that video baby voice. do the graphics on the front mean anything, or is it just front panel frizz?

  2. Feels like the developer just wants to see who is crazy enough to pay a doubtlessly significant amount of money for utter randomness.

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