AVP Synth Quadwave, multi-fx unit with phaser and two stereo delays, available now

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AVP Synth introduced Quadwave, a colorful tweaker-friendly multi-fx unit with an analog phaser and two-hybrid stereo delays, it’s available now.

AVP Synth from Russia presented the Quadwave, a new multi-effects unit with hands-on control, at Superbooth 21. The developers have been working on the completion of the device for the past two months.

Today I can say: the Quadwave is ready, all features are official and it’s ready for pre-order. The first batch with 20 units will be shipped very soon.

AVP Synth Quadwave

AVP Synth Quadwave

The architecture of the Quadwave is very simple: it combines an analog phaser with four hybrid delays available in two stereo pairs. Quadwave has two sections. The fun starts on the left side with the analog phaser offering two operation modes. It can either follow the internal LFO with speed control or can operate manually. There is also a CV input on the backside for controlling the phaser with external gear. On the panel, you also have a bypass switch giving you the option to only use the delay section. Talking about delays.

Quadwave also offers two hybrid stereo delays. Each stereo delay is divided into left and right channels, each with its own parameter. That means you have 4 independent delays with time, repeats, and mix controls. Both stereo delays differ, however, in the characteristics According to AVP Synth, delay 2 can self-oscillate and create the typical crazy feedback effects. Further, it also includes a multi-wave LFO with rate and depth for modulating the second delay. Great for tape mangling effects. And since the four delays are independent, they can be used in a variety of ways.

From classic phasing, delay, but also spacey or chorus-like sounds. Since the second delay can also self-oscillate, weird, crazy sounds are also possible.

AVP Synth Quadwave

Hands-On Control

A big highlight of Quadwave is the interface layout. With 20 knobs and 2 switches, it is very hands-on and direct. No menu, no sub-functions, everything can be played instantly.

On the backside, you have the inputs, outputs, a 9-Volt power supply input, and a power switch. The latter is nice, so you don’t always have to disconnect the cable from the power. There are three inputs: main, delay 1 and delay 2. The main input sends the signal to the phaser module and then through the delays. With these, you can explore the entire effects chain. There are also individual inputs for the two delay sections. Lastly, stereo output via two 6.3mm sockets for the final signal.

The technology is in a very striking orange enclosure made of steel. It is hand-assembled in Russia and I think they know how good quality works.

AVP Synth Quadwave is available now for pre-order for 400€ and the first batch will have 20 units. Shipping is starting soon.

More information here: AVP Synth

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