DEAL: Teenage Engineering drops the PO Modular synth prices by up to 47% for the summer

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Deal: The Teenage Engineering PO-Modular series (PO-400, 140, and 16) are now available with up to 47,37% discounts during the summer.

In the summer, prices on music tech tumble. Many plugins are currently on special sales with significant discounts. The opposite for hardware. There are deals every now and then. It was to be expected that the Teenage Engineering PO-Modular synthesizers would not become a mega-hit

The developers, or let’s say the marketing department is also aware of this now and are dropping the prices of the entire series by up to 47% from its original prices.

Teenage Engineering PO Modular Summer

In the past months and also last year, there have been smaller price drops again and again, this is now the biggest. And probably also the last one. It sounds like Teenage Engineering wants to close the modular chapter with this worldwide summer sale.

Teenage Engineering PO-Modular

Teenage Engineering presented the PO Modular series for the first time at NAMM 2019. TE’s playful, DIY, and colorful take on modular synthesizers. In the form of the POM-16 sequencer ($159), the POM-170 synth ($399), and the POM-400 synth ($549).

They all had something in common: they had to be assembled from aluminum pieces.

All three products had difficulty in the synthesizer community from the start. On the one hand, they offered relatively little for the original price (missing functions); on the other hand, they had many problems. There were only a few positive reviews in the media. My review from 2019 (v1) was also anything but positive.

Teenage Engineering then responded to these criticisms from the synth community in May 2020 with revised versions—a second try. New was:

  • new PO-Sync output
  • speaker volume knob adjusted for intuitive control
  • level on sequencer clock out adjusted to 5v from 10v
  • output amplitude on white noise adjusted so now it can trigger envelopes
  • PSU has been improved, it is now more stable and offers a longer battery life
  • oscillators have been retrimmed, giving an improved audio range to play with
  • increased size of screw holes on powder-coated aluminium chassis for easy building

Now in the Summer, the Teenage Engineering PO-Modular chapter seems to be coming to an end. All three devices are swept off the market with massive discounts. Teenage had a huge success with many products (OP-1, Pocket Operators…), this was pretty sure a flop.

Teenage Engineering POM-16 Summer


The POM-16 is a standalone keyboard with individual tuneable keys and a programmable step sequencer. It works with CV, gate, MIDI, and PO Sync. It can store up to 64 patterns and also runs on batteries. A small nice looking sequencer but with few features. Initially started for 159€, it now must leave the stocks for 90€, a 43,4% discount from the original price.


The POM-170 is a home-build analog modular Synthesizer in striking read. It comprises the POM-16 sequencer and a complete analog voice, featuring an oscillator, filter, envelope, LFO, and VCA. A super simple voice perfect for your first steps in modular synthesis.

All this is hosted in a DIY powder-coated aluminum case with a built-in speaker box, power distribution, and power pack. It also includes 8 patch cables, an illustrated build guide, and a screwdriver.

The POM-170, which started at €399, now has to leave the shops for €210, a 47,37% discount.


The largest system from this stylish series is the POM-400. It’s also a home-build analog modular Synthesizer, this time in striking yellow. It consists of three analog oscillators, a noise generator, a filter, LFO, two envelopes, two VCAs, a random generator, mixer, and a super basic 16-step sequencer.

Teenage Engineering POM-400 Summer Sale

Like the POM-170, it comes with a powder-coated chassis as a DIY kit with no soldering required, a screwdriver, and an illustrated build guide. It also offers onboard speaker, a built-in power supply including a battery option, and 15 patch cables.

The initial price of the POM-400 was $549/499€ and has now dropped to 289€; it’s also a massive discount of 47,36% OFF.


PO-400 Modular v1 review


The new prices of the PO Modular series sound very tempting. For €289 a 3-oscillator modular synth sounds like a good deal, for the new asking price certainly. But don’t expect too much from the PO Modulars. Yes, they are modular but are not flexible like a Eurorack. The modules are fundamental and have no deep functions.

Teenage POMs are ideal for learning modular synthesis. They sound good but not exceptional. There are much better and more versatile ones. But if you want something stylish in the studio that catches the eye and also is something for a quick jam in between or for outdoor in the garden, then, this is a great deal.

Teenage Engineering PO Modular Summer Sale is available on the official TE website and at retailers.

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