Elastic FX Goes Universal, Includes New Effects & More

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What many don’t know is that iOS effects apps work excellent in combination with hardware instruments (drum machines, effects, Synthesizers…). With the help of a simple iOS compatible audio interface, you can expand very affordable your sound design arsenal with very versatile tools.

One of those apps you should not overlook as a hybrid musician is Elastic FX, an effect app that makes the most crazy effect sounds possible. The app features simple reverbs, delays to crazy stutter effects. The most exciting is the engine. Up to 4 effects can be used simultaneously and easily edited by touch. In addition, the most important parameters can be automated via touch gestures and placed in a permanent looping.

ElasticFX Goes Universal
Especially for the live use a very exciting and crazy effect app which one finds in hardware not so easy. With the latest update, the developer puts the focus even more on the live use and makes it usable universal on the iPhone and iPad. This allows musicians to enjoy ElasticFX, which may not have an iPad.
New Effects: Repeater, Tremolo, Vibrato…
We spent the app a new Repeater effect, so you can easily create those repeating effects, we instantly fell in love when the Korg Kaoss Pad once came out. We also spent the app a new Tremolo and Vibrato effect to get some of those newer out of time vintage Guitar/Piano effect sounds and we added another distortion effect (Chunk). This means, you can now choose from an arsenal of 40 effects in every channel!

New Buttons: New Touch (mode), Automate Overlay…
Touch buttons allows you to switch the touch behaviour of each of the 4 effect channels. With touch (Mode) activated, the effects wet signal is manipulated by your touch behaviour: When you touch down the XY Pad and fool around, the effect is on, when you touch Up (remove) your finger the effect is off. There are also now 2 new buttons in the automate overlay (long tap the round circle button) to quickly delete the automations you recorded. 

To better show all this things we reworked all demos and added an audio file as an input source to every demo preset, to give users an immediate idea, what kind of sounds you can create with certain effects and routings. Therefore we added the demo (Mode) button in the demo presets overlay: If demo Mode is set to „Allowed“, each demo will play a prepared audio loop to listen to the effect. As said before, this is great to step through the demo presets (in standalone) and listen to them.

Sound Test Room Demo

Elastic FX is now available for $6.99 (7.99€).  If you buy the Elastic Bundle (Elastic Drums & Elastic FX), you will save money and get both apps for $11.99 instead of $15.98, when buying them separately.

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