Sinevibes Whirl v2.1, feature update for the barber-pole phaser plugin and developer interview

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Sinevibes has published a new v2.1 update for its Whirl v2 barber-pole phaser plugin with host tempo sync…, plus a new developer interview.

In 2021 Sinevibes released a v2 for its easy-to-use, high-quality phaser plugin Whirl. It’s based on the iconic Bode frequency shifter model but recreated in Sinevibes way. More precisely, the concept is continued and expanded with many sound design-related extras, making it more modern and flexible.

It offers a newly-developed algorithm to create unique moving or morphing spectrum peaks and notches. Today, I have good news for all v2 users. Sinevibes has released a free Whirl v2.1 update with new features and improvements.

Sinevibes Whirl v2.1

Sinevibes Whirl v2.1

Whirl v2.1 is a free feature update for existing Whirl v2 users. It adds the ability to set the barber-pole phaser frequency as a host tempo fraction (adjustable from 1/16th note to 16 bars). And you can also sync the phase motion to the transport location.

Then, they gave the plugin an extra potion of stereo manipulation goodness. The developers extended the stereo parameter range into the negative values to allow the relative phaser motion in the right channel to supersede the left channel. Of course, also vice versa. So it’s now bipolar and thus, you get bi-directional stereo width.

Sinevibes added a new, more modern, and future-proof preset manager at its core. That’s also an excellent addition. Besides this, the engine now runs on a new JUCE 7 framework.

Developer Interview

And if you always wanted to know who Sinevibes is, you should not miss my developer talk from Superbooth 23. I spoke to Artemiy Pavlov, the founder of Sinevibes. Among other things about his latest plugins, the transition from macOS to Windows, the mighty Korg SDK, and more.

Sinevibes Whirl v2.1 is available now as a free update for existing Whirl v2 users. For new users, the plugin is now available for $29 + VAT or €24.16 from Plugin Boutique + Softube Dirty Tape plugin for free throughout June 2023.

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