Arturia FX Collection 4, updated bundle with 30 effects plugins incl. four additions

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Arturia FX Collection 4 is the latest version of its mighty effects bundle, with now a total of 30 plugins, including four new additions. 

With the V Collection, Arturia has a bundle of virtual instruments in its portfolio that is constantly being expanded. The French developers are pursuing the same idea with the FX Collection.

It’s a bundle consisting of high-quality emulations of classic effects as well as modern sound processors. FX Collection 4 has been released today, and thus the bundle into the fourth round with 30 plugins and four new additions.

Arturia FX Collection 4

Arturia FX Collection 4

FX Collection 4 now includes 30 effects, from pivotal digital reverbs to cutting-edge multi-engine distortion, along with over 1000 expertly-designed presets, improved accessibility features, and several useful enhancements for fluid DAW production, says Arturia.

It is particularly nice that the FX Collection Bundle contains not only recreations of classics from the effects world but also completely new developments such as granular processors.

In version 4 there are four new plugins to discover, as well as improvements for older plugins. However, three of them are not brand new as they were released a few months ago.

Filter MS-20

The first addition is the Filter MS-20, a filter effect plugin based on the filter of the legendary Korg MS-20 monophonic analog Synthesizer. This plugin was available as a free download last Christmas. Now it is included in the bundle.

You get all the functionality of the original dual filter but expanded with a distortion unit and creative modulation, including an envelope follower, step sequencer, and function generator.  A characterful filter FX for which I made some free presets. You can download them in the SYNTH ANATOMY sound shop.

Arturia DIST Coldfire

One of the big highlights of the FX Collection 4 is the DIST Coldfire, a modern multi-algorithmic distortion plugin with customizable signal path and deep modulations.

Here you can find from classic overdrive and distortions to wave folding, waveshaping, and other distortion types. Dist Coldfire gives you the flexibility to mix and match two different distortion types and thus create a unique distortion processor.

The plugin is particularly worthwhile because it can be used in many ways. From slight signal improvements and character grants to the creative destruction of signals, everything is possible here.

Here is my full written review.

Rev LX-24

Arturia released the Rev LX 24 plugin back in April 2023. It’s a virtual replica of the era-defining Lexicon 224 digital reverb. But it’s not just a replica. The developers have also upgraded the reverb with several new features, making it more versatile and flexible than the original.

For example, you can benefit from a modern-flavored converter mode for cleaner sound results. There are also newly-added features in an advanced panel, like an interactive visualizer, and dynamic effects. The latter includes ducking, gate, and tremolo.

Rotary CLS-222

The latest addition is the Rotary CLS-222, a reimagination of the classic Dynacord® rotary speaker emulator as a creative plugin that goes from silky smooth stereo swirls to spinning synchronized patterns.

Arturia FX Collection 4

According to Arturia, it enhances your sound with extra width, momentum, and analog-style character in seconds.

Product Updates

That’s not all. Not only you can dive deep into the four new effects, there are also feature and performance updates for the existing plugins.

  • Bus Force has received a new overdrive gain compensation and new oversampling quality options
  • Efx Fragments: you can explore 40 new presets and benefit from a modulation workflow makeover
  • Rev LX-24 now offers better GUI scaling for a more compact screen presence.
  • Rev SPRING-636 now has oversampling quality options.
  • Upgraded accessibility features, with real-time text-to-speech feedback.
  • NKS VST3 and Mac M1 AAX support.

Further, it comes with bug fixes and optimizations.

First Impression

Since 3/4 of the new plugins were already known in advance, there were no big surprises in the FX Collection 4. Okay, there is a new rotary effect and updates for the existing plugins. But a rotary effect is not an effect that gets everyone excited.

Nevertheless, it’s great that the effects are now also available in a bundle. The Dist Coldfire and Filter MS-20 in particular were a lot of fun to test.

Arturia FX Collection 4 is available now for an introductory price of 299€ instead of 499€. Login to your Arturia user account for discounted upgrades and crossgrades.

More information here: Arturia 

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