Superbooth 23: Rides In The Storm SED-CSM voice, BOC oscillator, and Stormnest case

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Superbooth 23: Rides In The Storm SED-CSM is a new Eurorack synth voice, BOC sub-oscillator, and Stormnest, a new portable case. 

In the Euroroack are, companies come and go like you know it in music tech—the usual business. New companies are created, new ones are formed from existing companies, etc. Even with the company Rides In The Storm, there is DNA from another company we all know.

The head of this young German company is Uwe George Giegler, the former developer of MFB. Surrounded by more developers. They started they own business with this company a few years ago. At Superbooth 23, he will show new exciting modules, including a big analog synth voice with a neat feature set.

Rides In The Storm SED-CSM

Rides In The Storm SED-CSM

The big headline product for this year is the SED-CSM, a new 36TE “pre-wired” analog synth voice. It features two discrete VCOs with highly stable tracking, three analog sub-oscillators (3/4-1/2-1/4 with SQUARE, SAW, TRI), and white noise. As additional shaping options, you get gravity mix, hard sync, a wave folder on OSC1 triangle, and XOR ring modulation.

Then, you get a vintage-style slider-based mixer to mix your signals. Here you also find the ring modulator’s control and an external input level. From here, it goes into a discrete 24dB lowpass filter with a built-in overdrive. You get the traditional controls, including cutoff, resonance, filter key tracking, and modulation. They are also modulable with CV, also resonance, a great addition.

Modulation side, you get two analog LFOs (one also usable as VCO) with a large range and key tracking for tonal playability. Plus, you can find two super fast and punchy-sounding analog ADSR envelopes with loop function and four TRG outputs (end of attack, end of decay). Here, too, anything but little.

Finally, you get glide presets, and a wide range of CV inputs/outputs. Thanks to dedicated outputs, you can use the individual functions also independently.

Rides In The Storm BOC

Then, they will showcase the big brother of their DOC oscillator module called BOC. It’s a new feature-packed discrete oscillator (12HP) with 4 sub-oscillators and very stable tracking. It can produce saw, pulse, triangle, and sine waveforms. There are four sub-oscillators, yes four, (1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and 2/3 of VCO Tune) with different waveforms and independent PW(M). According to Uwe, it will offer an incredibly warm sound with low-end and super-fast flanks for the best brilliance.

There is also the built-in gravity function from the SED-CSM, consisting of a waveform mixer and XOR ring mod. There is also pulse-width, PWM, reset, hard-sync, and CV-controllable soft-sync. It also hosts the triangle core wave folder. and both linear and exponential FM. An exciting, feature-packed oscillator.

Rides In The Storm Stromnest Superbooth 23

Rides In The Storm Stormnest

The third and last product for Superbooth 23 will be Stormnest, a new portable, affordable, powered Eurorack case. According to RITS, it’s a solution for medium-sized setups, perfect for traveling with the lowest possible weight and form factor.

It will have the dimension 2×68 TE with 30mm depth and a built-in power supply 1A +12V/1A -12V with 18 PCB power connectors. It has aluminium profiles and a metal chassis says Rides In The Storm. Stormnest ships with a DC input, a switch from above, and a 2.5A power adapter.

First Impression

A successful new product lineup for the Superbooth 23. I particularly like the synth voice. The SED-CSM has a lot of vintage charm but also some modern features. And very surprising are the prices, which are very affordable.

The new SED-CSM will be available in Summer 2023 for 410€. The BOC oscillator in September 2023 for 165€, and the new case Stormnest for 180€ also in Summer. Rides In The Storm will be at Superbooth 23 and you can say hello at booth W260.

More information here: Rides In The Storm 

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