Superbooth 21: Enjoy Electronics The Godfather, 4-channel multi-fx processor for Eurorack, first look

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Superbooth 21: Enjoy Electronics premiered the Godfather, an impressive 60HP multi-effects for Eurorack with 4 channels of audio processing.

A new developer light went on in Italy for Superbooth 2019. It was the premiere for the young company Enjoy Electronics who showed a sleek, rock-solid digital effects processor for the studio/live stage with the Reminder.

At Superbooth 21 they plunged into the depths of the modular synthesizer world with their upcoming release The Godfather. A multi-fx processor for Eurorack with the soul of the Reminder desktop unit.

Enjoy Electronic The Godfather

Enjoy Electronics The Godfather

The Godfather is a 4-channel multi-effects processor in the shape of the Moog semi-modular synths. Each channel has a 5-effect signal chain that works independently from each other. They offer saturation, delay, Enjoy’s own double-pulse delay (DPD), reverb, and filter. On the left side, you can control the effects amounts and map them also to modulators. Yes, there is also a good amount of modulation include.

Moving to the right side where you have the in-depth controls for the reverb and delays. Here you have two LFOs that you can map to different parameters. Also, you can dive through the menu here with the big encoder that unveils additional settings like pan, compression, feedback, and more. The Godfather also offers side-chain compression, limiting, EQ, gain staging, infinite looping, and more.

There are also MIDI in/outs, four CV inputs, as well as triggering modes for creative routing. Don’t miss the cinematic trailer of the company, it’s pure entertainment.

The module comes with a Moog 60HP shaped case and so you can easily mount it with these famous semi-modular synths. Or, of course, you can combine it with other modular synths. I find the decision to design it that way is very clever, as such an effects processor was missing for the series.

I visited the Enjoy Electronics team for a first look video. Unfortunately, the sound demo was destroyed, forcing me not to include it. Nonetheless, the Godfather is a very exciting effects processor for Eurorack. In terms of sound, the prototype on the SB 21 was already very convincing. It’s an effects processor, it’s a sound refiner but also a sonic expander for every modular system. And for users of the Moog 60HP series, it could become a must-have.

First Look

Enjoy Electronics The GODFATHER will arrive in Q1 2022 for around 900€/1000€ and be made in Italy. It includes the module and a powered case.

More information here: EE 

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