Superbooth 23: Jolin news: unique performance mixer, utilities, and preamp

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Superbooth 23: Jolin has announced four Eurorack modules, including Tutto & Sempre an intriguing performance mixer, utilities, and preamp.

Many Eurorack modules follow classic designs and have role models. Many oscillators and filters are similar to modules from the vintage modular world of Moog and Roland. Some modules also take a completely different approach. A very original or even experimental direction.

One of these is the young, Italian company Jolin, which has a portfolio of wild, original modules. They are also at Superbooth with new releases.

Superbooth 23 Jolin Ascolta

Superbooth 23: Jolin

There are four new Jolin modules to check out at Superbooth 23.

Jolin Ascolta

Ascolta is a new dual high-fidelity input pre-amp with an envelope follower and peak detector output for each channel. On the back, you can customize the internal normalization behavior. The module is designed to amplify stereo line-level signals (laptop, phone, instruments, dynamic microphones…) up to modular levels (100x (40dB).

Jolin Knobi

Knobi is a complex voltage mangle or easily say a powerful tool able to make different things. Including mixing, attenuating, inverting, displaying, and multiplying any kind of signal.

It features four channels of mixing, it also offers an offset, attenuating, and a buffered multiple. There is also a front panel manual trigger. Besides this, you get four cascading outputs that can freely be configured.

Superbooth 23 Jolin


Singoli is a combining transient detector. It offers seven channels of DC active combiner with analog transient detector output. It is cable to mix up to 7 audio or CV source. Plus, you can also use it as an expander for the big new module Tutto & Sempre.

So the module is a mixer but can also detect a peak signal and then output a gate. Thus you could control other gear with the level of what’s being passed through the Singoli.

Jolin Tutto & Sempre

Tutto & Sempre is a new four-stereo-channel performance mixer with an active patch bay, individual VCAs, clickless mutes, and two headphone amps with switchable inserts. Jolin describes it as a dynamic or an “endgame mixer”.

The module gives you on each channel a stereo input as a starting point. Then you have a send-and-return-style insert for routing through external gear (effects…)  and finally a CV input for the VCA. The channel has a level control, a clickless mute switch, and an individual output.

Tutto & Sempre also has a large knob. This gives you an overall level of control over two pairs of stereo outputs. Further, you get a post-mixer auxiliary input. The headphones can use the aux input as a preview before routing to the main mix. The module is definitely no a classic performance mixer.

First Impression

The Italian developers from Jolin are known for very experimental concepts. They continue this with the products for SB23. A very special module lineup for this Superbooth.

Jolin will be at Superbooth 23 and you can visit them at booth 0395.

More information here: Jolin Tech

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