Superbooth 23: VoicAs DuoRover stereo distortion, PreAmp, and LineOut

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Superbooth 23: VoicAs announces three new modules: DuoRover, a stereo distortion/overdrive, dual-mono PreAmp, and LineOut stereo output. 

The Israeli developers of VoicAs entered the world of multi-band distortion and compression at the last Superbooth with their new announcement. In the meantime, the LedPressor, a full stereo characterful LED-based compressor, and Multi-Drive, a full 3-band overdrive/distortion module are available now.

For Superbooth 23, the distortion journey continues with the DuoRover and they expand their portfolio with two interface modules: PreAmp and LineOut.

VoicAs DuoRover PreAmp LineOut

VoicAs DuoRover

DuoRover is a full stereo overdrive/distortion effect with built-in lowpass and highpass filters. Nice, you can route the filters in different ways. According to the developers, the module is based on the successful LedRover module.

The eye-catcher of the module is the main drive knob which is surrounded by a light ring that indicates the current drive amount. This represents the sum of the drive knob and drive CV. Plus, the knob has a dedicated CV input with amount control.

VoicAs’ new module is not just an overdrive/distortion. You can bypass the drive circuit, turning it into a stereo filter module. Then, you have lowpass and highpass filters with cutoff frequency, resonance, and CV inputs with amount control

VoicAs PreAmp

PreAmp is a dual-mono interface module that accepts balanced audio and converts it to Eurorack’s voltage ranges. Here, too, the design is striking. It features two independent, long LED bars that visually represent the output voltage in scale of Vpp. So you get a clear and easy-to-read indication of the output levels.

VoicAs LineOut

LineOut is a full stereo output module that does the opposite of what the new PreAmp module does. So it gets the signals out the system. It takes Eurorack-level signals and converts them to real-true balanced signals. It also features a stereo shiny LED bar representing the output audio level, with units in dB.

Lastly, both PreAmp and LineOut modules support true balanced signals, which means they process both the tip and ring signals, resulting in superior audio quality says the developers.

First Impression

Three nice modules for the Superbooth 23. I’m particularly excited to see how the new DuoRover distortion/overdrive module sounds. Many distortion modules are not available in Eurorack. This is in stereo, a big plus, and offers some neat extras.

The new VoicAs LedPressor ($290) and Multi-Rover are available now. You can visit VoicAs on Superbooth at booth W467, and they will giving away a free module every day to one lucky winner.

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