Befaco Molten Motion Meter, clever utilities meet circular visualization in a module

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Molten Music Technology’s first Eurorack module Motion Meter, in collaboration with Befaco, cleverly combines essential utilities with circular visualization.

For some time now there has been a trend in the music tech world where more and more YouTubers are working closely with developers. Unlike before, they get involved in the development of new products. Either as a consultant or direct part of the entire product.

We see this trend in software, for example with the close collaboration of Hainbach and AudioThing, or in the hardware field, where DivKid has already realized module ideas with some manufacturers. Now Robin aka Molten Music Technology has also made his way into the fascinating world of module development. This in close collaboration with the Barcelona-based company Befaco.

Befaco Molten Motion Meter

Befaco Molten Motion Meter

Robin’s first module doesn’t make wild noises and doesn’t generate elaborate modulation signals from outta space. They would match well with his colorful shirts. But his debut isn’t as wild, it’s more of a handy helper for your rack.

It’s called Molten Motion Meter and is a three-channel signal visualization tool with built-in attenuators. It allows you to visualize both audio and CV acting either as a CV meter or a VU meter but three times. That’s not all.

More Than Visualization

Befaco modules always have very sophisticated circuits and that is also the case here. It has clever normalization with which you can turn the module into a mixer, attenuverter with offset, or other utility tasks. Each module is normalled to 10v, so you can use each of them to generate a fixed voltage.

Befaco Molten Motion Meter

Also, the outputs of channels 1 and 2 are summed into Out 3 to be used as a mixer. Thus, the module can be an attenuverter with offset, a VU meter, or a combination of them all. Each channel has a switch allowing you to set the function: either audio, CV attenuation, or CV inverter.

That sounds like a very useful module that has many interesting functions that aren’t obvious at first glance.

I particularly like the VU meter design that is arranged in a circle. Reminds me of VPME’s Euclidean Circles sequencer. Hello, Vladimir if you read this. Congrats Robin for your first module release.

Befaco Molten Motion Meter is available now for 125€ + VAT for the assembled version and 95€ + VAT for the full DIY kit (thru-hole design). According to Befaco, the module is manufactured and distributed by Befaco, but all credit goes to the clever minds that had the module’s idea in the first place, so Robin Vincent aka Molten Music Technology.

More information here: Befaco 

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