UAD Galaxy’74, Max and Del-Verb, three new UAFX guitar pedals for NAMM 2023

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NAMM 2023: three new UAD UAFX guitar pedals: Galaxy’74 tape echo & reverb, Max pre-amp & dual compressor, and Del-Verb ambience companion.

It’s NAMM time. NAMM 2023 starts on Thursday and many new products are expected. UAD is already showing three new pedals in their UAFX series.

Two new delay/reverbs combo pedals and a limiter/compressor for the on-the-go.

UAD Galaxy 74 Max Del Verb

UAD Galaxy’74

The Galay’74 is a new stereo tape echo & reverb effects pedal that is based on the sound of the classic mid-’70s Roland Space Echo tape effect. It’s a digital recreation with various hands-on controls: echo rate, feedback, echo vol, head select, input vol, dwell, and reverb volume.

UAD Galaxy'74

Universal Audio says:

Get iconic tape textures filled with the musical wow and flutter and saturation of the original Space Echo unit, and use the multi-head design — along with doubled delay times and tap tempo — to create rhythmic subdivisions not possible on the original hardware. You can even bend minds in realtime with self-oscillation for crazy runaway delay effects.

Only Galaxy ’74 gives you the authentic dub-heavy effects of the original’s spring reverb — along with a Dwell control for even wilder sounds — hurtling your tone into the cosmos, with textures that leave other emulators of this hallowed hardware behind in a puff of space dust.

The pedal also ships with the UAFX control app giving you flexibility and full control over all parameters.



Max is a preamp and dual compressor module that features a digital engine powered by emulations of legendary limiters and iconic tube preamps. The compression side includes the Teletronix LA-2A (warm tube compression), UA 1176, and the Dyna Comp while the preamp is based on a 610 tube mic preamp emulation.

The pedal allows you to stack compressors in any combination for even more tones and textures. You can tweak the main parameters on the pedal itself but it also ships with the app giving you more advanced settings.

This includes the preamp EQ settings, serial/parallel operation, additional sidechain bass filter, and more.

UAD Del Verb

UAD Del-Verb

Finally, we have the Del-Verb, another reverb/delay hardware pedal. It is based on three classic reverbs and three delay effects. It offers a ’60s tube amp spring, studio plate, and vintage digital hall reverbs.

The delay part includes vintage tape, analog-style bucket brigade, and studio-grade digital delays. And these are not modeled on unknown delays. UAD says:

Whether it’s the warm repeats of a ’70s Maestro EP-III tape echo, the thick color of an Electro-Harmonix Memory Man, or UA’s modern-sounding Precision Delay, Del-Verb’s suitcase is packed with the definitive effects found in UA’s mothership — Starlight Echo Station — for easy access to killer sounds in a flash.

First Impression

Three exciting new effects pedals in UAD’s UAFX series. The first three were very convincing with a very high-quality sound. These sound very promising in the first videos. And offer a lot of tweakability. I particularly like the Max, with which UAD gives us a limiter and compressor in one pedal. Very handy to round off sounds in live performances.

UAD Galaxy’74, Max, and Del-Verb are available now for 379€/$349

More information here: UAD 

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