SynthFest France 2023, coming April 21-23 with Synth Anatomy video coverage

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SynthFest France 2023 will take place between April 21-23, and Synth Anatomy will bring you video coverage of the latest synths.

The days are getting longer again, it’s getting warmer, and we are spending more time outside. The annual synth events are also making a return. In March, the one-day event Synth and Pedal Expo was in London. May will be the synth event of all synth events, the Superbooth 23 in Berlin.

In between, there is another lovely event. In less than two weeks, the three-day event SynthFest will take place in Nantes (France) with many developers and live music. It’s the come-together of the French Synthesizer community. The organizers have now published all the details about the event.

SynthFest France 2023

SynthFest France 2023

This year’s edition will feature the latest synthesizers/music products, presentations, DIY workshops, panel discussions, live performances, and more.

The following exhibitors  (50+) and artists at this SFF 2023 are:

  • Alaskam, Alexis Faucomprez, Algam, Aodyo, Arturia
  • Baloran, Bastl Instruments, Bernhard Rasinger, BVR instruments
  • Christophe Martin-de Montagu
  • Dreadbox
  • Eric Mouquet / Deep Forest, Erica Synths, Euterpe Synthesizer Laboratories, Expressive E
  • Faselunare / Alphalab, FCpro.Audio, Francis Rimbert, Frédéric Rible, Frederik Rousseau, Fulgur audio
  • Ina-GRM, IRCAM
  • Joachim Garraud

SynthFest France 2023

  • PModular / Jérôme Bridonneau, Joranalogue
  • KR Home Studio, Kiviak technologies, Kodamo, Korg
  • La touche musicale, La Voix du Luthier, Larix Elektro, Laurent Evain, Laurent Juillet, Les Sondiers
  • Matthias Puech, Marc Caro, MOK / Media Overkill, Michael Geyre, Michel Geiss, Moonya, Muse Ovations
  • Nairod, NRSynth
  • Oberheim, Olivier Delevingne
  • SyntheGrall / Olivier Grall
  • Officina del Malista, oZoé
  • PH Modular / Christian Foucaud
  • PWM
  • Sifasile, SynthR / Jean-Luc Briançon, Sequential, SoundMIT, Studio Playtronica, SynthFood
  • TouellSkouarn / Ateliers Eurorack DIY, Thierry Rochebois, Tinhu, Tony T-Steel / Tony Quedeville
  • SACEM, Vacuum – 3D project / Eliane Blaise / Emmanuelle de Héricourt, Vkgoeswild / Vika Yermolyeva, Vintage Synth @ Co
  • UNAC / Union Nationale des Auteurs et Compositeurs
  • Willow Whisper / Dalai Lama, Xodes
  • Yamaha, Yusynth / Yves Usson


One of the highlights will be a live concert by Joachim Garraud. He will present a preview of the film Modular California Vibes, a documentary on electronic musical creation on board his mobile solar studio. There will also be a discussion and a concert.

SynthFest France 2023 Raffle

Then, Touellskouarn, a Eurorack and pedal developer from Brittany, will organize a DIY workshop on Saturday morning. There will be concerts on all three days, and Bernhard Rasinger, aka BR-Laser will provide visual entertainment with his modular laser synth.

And like every year, there is also a big raffle with more than 12000€ of prizes, including an Expressive E Osmose, a La Voix du Luthier La Voice acoustic resonator, and more. According to the organizers, it’s the biggest Synthesizer giveaway ever organized.

Tickets are available for 10€, and the number of tickets is limited to 2000. The raffle is open online until April 19th, 2023, and on-site until April 23th, 2023. The drawing will take place on Sunday, April 23rd, 2023, at 4 PM (French Time). You don’t have to be there to participate and win.

Video Coverage

I am happy to announce that I will be traveling to Nantes for SFF 2023. No NAMM show for me this year; instead, I will visit the beloved French synthesizer community. You can expect many Synthesizer news in video and written form as well as artist and developer interviews.

Don’t forget to follow Synth Anatomy on Instagram. In photos and small videos, I will take you to the floors of the SFF 2023.

SFF 2023 will be between April 21-23, 2023, and the full details are available now on the official website.

More information here: official website 


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