Aodyo Anyma Omega, multi-timbral poly physical modeling synth first look

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At SFF 2023, Aodyo Instruments gave Synth Anatomy a first look at its upcoming Anyma Omega polyphonic physical modeling Synthesizer.

Last November, Aodyo Instruments from France presented the Anyma Omega—a new multi-timbral, polyphonic physical modeling synthesizer. The engine is based on the monophonic Anyma Phi but is blown up with new features and polyphony.

You could support the development via Kickstarter and also secure a device at a great price. This went so well that the keyboard version will get as a pledge bonus a Fatar polyphonic aftertouch keyboard. I pre-ordered one myself in the KS because I’ve wanted a polyphonic physical modeling synth for a long time. Last weekend was SynthFest France 2023 (SFF 23), where Aodyo showed the synth to the audience for the first time.

Aodyo Instruments Anyma Omega First Look

Aodyo Anyma Omega First Look

Important note: the version at SynthFest France 2023 was still a prototype and will still change a lot on the outside and inside.

Many features were not ready at the time of the event. In addition, the synth will be delayed by three months because the developers cannot get the planned OLED display in sufficient quantities. So the connection has to be redesigned internally.

But what you could see on the SFF 23 was very impressive. The final sound design wasn’t done yet, but the patches they showed sounded very nice and interesting. You can find all details in my article from last November. Here is a summary of the feature you need to know:

Features At A Glance

  • multi-timbral with 4 synth layers (layering, stacking or splitting)
  • 16 voice polyphony
  • polyphonic aftertouch keybed
  • three oscillators per layer, including 30 different oscillator types (wind, string physical models, modal resonators, VA, and digital algorithms)
  • five effects slots per layer, incl. 30 types ranging from classic delays, reverb, resonators, distortions, granular (MI Clouds inspired), and more.
  • external input for processing external signals with the engine
  • polymorph functionality
  • 16 modulation slots with more than 40 different mod types (various LFO types, envelopes, sequencers, random generators, and more)
  • built-in powerful arpeggiator and sequencer
  • hands-on operation with a signal routing matrix, many knobs, buttons, and a big OLED display
  • software editor
  • stereo out (L/R), phones, AUX stereo out (L/R) + AUX stereo in (L/R), full-size MIDI, twp pedal inputs, USB device and host ports, CV and Gate connectivity, and more

First Look Video

The Anyma Omega on the SFF 2023 was still a prototype. Nothing will change for Superbooth 23 in May. Difficult to say as it’s a prototype, but what I’ve seen so far is super exciting. Looking forward for the final product.

Aodyo Instruments Anyma Omega will be released in late 2023/early 2024. You can pre-order the last units at IndieGoGo with a discount starting at 900€ for the desktop and 1155€ for the keyboard with polyphonic aftertouch. The retail price will be 1200€ (desktop) and 1650€ (keyboard).

More information here: Aodyo Instruments  IndieGoGo

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  1. I really hope they hire a designer to make it look the part as well. There earlier monophonic model had a nice, minimalistic look to it. But this… It’s so messy.

      • Yeah, I read so in your article. Just wanted to do an extra shout out to the builders who might read this. 🙂 As far as new synths go, this one is high on top of pretty much everything else. Quite unlike al the “variations on the same theme” that keeps being poured into the market.

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