Sonicware SMPLTREK 2.0, new firmware with quick sampling, and more

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Sonicware has published the firmware 2.0 for its SMPLTREK hardware sampling groovebox with various new features, improvements, and bugfixes.

More than a year ago the Kickstarter campaign for Sonicware’s new SMPLTREK was launched. The sampler reaches the pledge goal on the first try. The hardware sampler is now on the market, even at retailers.

A lot of input has flowed into the developement since then. The result is the first major firmware update 2.0, which is now available. It includes a lot of new features, and improvements for Sonicware hardware sampling groovebox.

Sonicware SMPLTREK 2.0

Sonicware SMPLTREK 2.0

The new firmware 2.0 brings a plethora of new features.

We are starting with a new quick sampling functionality. This is available by putting pressure on the track pad allowing you quickly record a sample and then use that sample in a new track.

The new sampling procedure has made sampling faster because users can set the normalize, save location, and auto-saving settings in advance. According to Sonicware, they also revised the monitor output method. You can now use the speaker when the built-in mic is selected on the rec source.

SMPLTREK 2.0 also brings unquantized recording using real-time recording of micro-timing of finger drumming and instrument playing. The micro-timing can now be edited for each note, and you can record and edit note-off timing on instrument tracks.

It also brings swing functions per track or clip (0-75%) and a new duplicate function of a sequence, available for the drum, instrument, MIDI, and shot track.

Drum Track Improvements

In firmware 2.0, users can also benefit from various drum track improvements, including

  • tweak level, pan, pitch, and effect send for each instrument in the drum kit while the drum track is playing
  • drum track with tempo change and tap tempo
  • Over 300 basic drum patterns to choose from.
  • 3 new drum kits (Ski Beats Smack, Cinematic Indian, and GB Drum Kit)

There are also optimizations for the global audio track. The waveform display is now easier to read and there is a new input level meter. Plus, you can replace the global audio files in the SD card.

On the effects side, Sonicware have revised the parameters for the Vinyl and Cassette effects and added a bit to the crusher algorithm.

More Improvements

  • pitch of the Instrument track can be adjusted while playing.
  • you can switch the display between the tracks while keeping the edit screen open. (press the func+TRK pad)
  • when loading a sample into the Loop track, you can set start and end points and select the number of bars in that range to see the exact BPM.
  • program change messages can now be transmitted from the MIDI track automation. (The switching Scene has been changed to CC31:SCENE PLAYBACK)
  • and more.

First Impression

A solid update for Sonicware’s groovebox sampler. You can tell that the developers have been working with the users on this update. There are no big “features” but tweaks in all places, which improves the workflow.

Sonicware SMPLTREK 2.0 firmware is available now as a free download for existing customers. SMPLTREK hardware is out now for $429/559€.

More information here: Sonicware 

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  1. lets use a overused word „amazing“!
    Got this „Tricorder“ a few weeks ago for a 350 bucks and i knew, this box would be better and better related to the update frequency.
    now, this quirky devices becomes a gem!

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