SOMA Labs TERRA enters final phase of development, manual and big sound demo

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SOMA Labs TERRA Synthesizer, initially introduced at Superbooth 22, now enters the final phase of development, manual out now and new sounds.

The Superbooth is a paradise for Synthesizer fans. The fair brings fans from all over the world together at one point. Every year, there are countless new synthesizer announcements from different manufacturers. The 22 edition was once again a success in all areas. Even if I can now list many new synths I liked, I remember one in particular.

It’s Terra from Vlad Kreimer, creator of the Lyra-8 or Pulsar 23 and founder of SOMA Labs. That’s because it’s radically different from what was there before: starting with the non-existent keyboard that challenges musicians from the ground up, the unusual organic design that reminds of nature but also of an object that comes from distant galaxies…

SOMA Labs TERRA development


TERRA is a digital Synthesizer that will challenge musicians, whether hobby musicians or certified keyboard shredders. You have to deal with a completely different concept of synth-instrument here, which you must learn from scratch. That a developer dares to do this is remarkable and innovative at the same time.

SOMA Labs recently announced that the development of the Terra is in the final phase and that they will try to produce the first test batch by winter/spring. The developers have now published the manual on the website, which gives you a good idea of what the TERRA concept is all about. And, of course, what it is capable of.

I find the pages of the engine particularly exciting. As SOMA Labs communicated at SB22, TERRA will have a polyphonic multi-synthesis engine consisting of 32 unique algorithms. But you can’t play them with a MIDI keyboard. So you can’t get past the interface.

Four Groups

The algorithms are divided into four different groups: polyphonic algorithms, experimental, bass, and solo. So you get 32 synthesizers in one. The programs range from additive, wavefolding VA, FM, drum synths, Lo-Fi Casiotone-style synthesis up to physical modeling with plucked, bowed, or hammered acoustic and electro-acoustic instruments.

You can hear the individual sound engines in the new, almost 1-hour sound demo.

My enthusiasm for this fascinating instrument remains unbroken even after so many months. The sound demo completely recaptures me and reminds me of my first hour with the TERRA at the SOMA SB booth. At that time, I was able to have a long chat with Vlad Kreimer about how the concept of the Terra and the other instruments came about. In case you didn’t see the video, I linked it below for you.

Vlad Kreimer Interview

It is not yet known when Terra will be launched. But I am pleased to hear from SOMA Labs that the development of the TERRA is continuing and has arrived in the final phase. It will definitely be one of those instruments that will push the synthesizer market forward.

According to SOMA Labs, they will produce the first test batch this winter /early spring. TERRA is expected to release in 2022-2023, and the price is still not yet determined.

More information here: SOMA Labs

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