U-he Monochrome, new Indie Electronica focused patch library for Hive 2

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U-he Monochrome is a new patch library with a main focus on Indie Electronica sounds for Hive 2 Synthesizer made in collaboration with ModeAudio. 

The German company U-he, based in Berlin, is one of the most popular Synthesizer plugin manufacturers. The plugins developed by Urs Heckmann and his team are classics in the soft synth world. For example, Diva is an epic-sounding analog modeling Synthesizer but also a resource hog. The opposite is Hive 2, the most resource-saving synth U-he has released so far. They can do both.

For Hive 2, U-he takes on a modern “Sylenth1 -style” VA synth; there are new sounds to explore. In collaboration with ModeAudio, they released Monochrome, a patch library with 150 new sounds.

U-he Monochrome

U-he Monochrome

Monochrome is a new patch library designed by Niall McCallum of ModeAudio. According to the designer, the 150 new patches capture the noisy, washed-out, and dream-like tones of your favorite Indie Electronica artists. They are inspired by Four Tet, Caribou (excellent band), Jon Hopkins (top), Max Cooper,  Tom Yorke of Radiohead, and many more.

Grainy, warbly, otherworldly… The focus of the set is the more organic edge of the contemporary electronic music landscape: think sonic warmth, rich spectra & plenty of movement courtesy of every type of modulator Hive 2 has to offer.

Further, “the set aims to bring the unmistakably ‘live’ feel of analog hardware into the digital domain, taking full advantage of the many chunky waveforms & modeled filter types that make Hive 2 such a powerhouse of a synth.”

Monochrome consists of 150 new patches and includes basses, leads, keys & poly, chords, pads, percussive, loops, and FX. Nice the sounds have ready-to-use macros  (XY pads) and are NKS-ready. You can also tweak them directly on an NKS-enabled Native Instruments controller.

U-he Monochrome is available now for 30€ and requires Hive 2.1.1 or newer.

More information here: U-he 

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