Enjoy Electronics N-Rack 5, new 5-tier rack for Moog-style 60HP Eurorack synths

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Enjoy Electronics N-Rack 5 is a new 5-tier rack for Moog-style 60 Eurorack synths, including the new Godfather modular effects processor.

60HP is a popular format for more semi-modular synthesizers. For example, all Moog Eurorack synths (Mother-32, DFAM, Subharmonicon) have these dimensions. The modular FX processor The Godfather by Enjoy Electronics also joins the list.

The same developers who brought us this new modular effects processor have now released a 5-tier rack that lets you transform up to 5 60HP synths into one big system.

Enjoy Electronics N-Rack

Enjoy Electronics N-Rack 5

The N-Rack 5 is a new 5-tier rack that lets you mount up to 5 Moog-style 60HP Eurorack synthesizers. Or the new The Godfather 60HP Eurorack modular effects processor. According to the developers, it has a robust steel structure for maximum stability and rubber feet providing solidity for a wide range of surfaces.

Enjoy Electronic’s rack is very similar to that from the Moog lineup. Strongly reminiscent of the design. Unfortunately, they also share the same disadvantage. The N-Rack 5 isn’t adjustable like the Behringer Eurorack Stand 3-Tier, which can be expanded from 70HP to 104HP.

That would have made the N-Rack 5 much more flexible. So it is only compatible with Moog synths, the Godfather, and all other synths that also have 60HP.

The N-Rack 5 has a dimension of 18.8″ x 23.2″ x 13″ (478 x 590 x 330mm) and a weight of 1.70 kg. So anything but a small rack. If you have mounted all five rows, you have a huge tower of semi-modular goodness.

You can see it in the latest Sonicstate product demo video from SynthFest UK 22.

It looks very solid, and, once set up, is also impressive. However, it would not be on my shortlist because expandability in HP is important to me—nonetheless, a nice product, especially for Moog Eurorack synth users.

Enjoy Electronics N-Rack 5 is available now for 160€.

More information here: Enjoy Electronics 

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