Noise Engineering Basimilus makes a comeback in the new Alia DSP platform and more

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Noise Engineering intros the new Alia series, a new DSP platform with three new modules, including the comeback of the popular Basimilus.

The discontinuation of the popular experimental percussive oscillator module Basimilus Iteritas caused a stir in the Eurorack community. It was by far one of the most popular oscillators on the market. It was to be expected that Noise Engineering was working on a successor. Unlike the original, on a more flexible and easy-to-update DSP platform.

This suspicion has now become a reality. With Alia, there is a new DSP platform. One that focuses on novel, more crazy oscillator models. And yes, a remake of the Bassimilus is there too.

Noise Engineering Alia DSP platform

Noise Engineering Alia

Alia fits seamlessly into the DSP platform module portfolio of Noise Engineering. These new modules are all 10HP and have swappable firmware. As you love it from the Versio and Legio modules.

Basimilus Iteritas Alia 

Yes, it makes a comeback in the new Alia platform. The Bassimilus Iteritas Alia is a digital drum voice with its roots in the analog world. The core of BIA consists of six oscillators that can be pushed into additive and FM fields. 

It offers controls over the waveform, harmonic spread, and envelope controls. There is also an adjustable noise oscillator and an extreme take on a wavefolder to round of its synthesis abilities. Plus, there is full CV control over the parameters.

Its straightforward controls make sound design fun and performable: create sub-shaking kicks, snares, hats, and unique drum hits with just a few tweaks.

Debel Iteritas Alia

The second new module is Debel Iteritas Alia. It’s a hybrid additive phase-modulation voice inspired by some of our favorite synth sounds across the decades. It hosts three synthesis algorithms for classic FM for plucks and basses, and all-out additive mayhem.

DIA also features a simple but effective two-knob envelope, giving you tons of flexibility. Then, you get CV control over every parameter, a dedicated envelope output, and an massive timbral range

Manis Iteritas Alia

Third and last oscillator in the Alia range is Manis Iteritas Alia. It’s a voice based on the architecture of Basimilus made for more gritty and aggressive sounds. The core consists of only manipulated, modulated, and distorted sawtooth. 

It’s suitable for leads, basslines, drums, darkness, detuned madness, or pure mayhem. Plus, MIA’s dedicated envelope output is a great modulation source for the rest of your patch patch.

First Impression

A super exciting continuation of the popular oscillator modules. Glad to see that another DSP platform has been created for this. 

Noise Engineering Alia series is available now for $385 each. 

More information here: Noise Engineering 

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