AQusmatiq Dedalus, mangling delay plugin with granular and modulation

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AQusmatiq Dedalus is a new mangling delay plugin that pairs a network of delay lines with granular synthesis and advanced modulations.

AQusmatic? Never heard? Don’t worry, it’s normal, it’s a brand-new plugin maker formed by two well-known developers recently. The founding people are the two Italian developers Alessandro Petrolati from Apesoft and Maurizio Giri from Amazing Noises. Plus Diego Capoccitti joined the team.

Developers that we already know for their very creative and original iOS apps and M4L devices. In their new company AQusmatiq they develop plugins on the same level. The first one is called Dedalus and is a unique, playful mangling delay with granular, filtering, and modulation.

AQusmatiq Dedalus

AQusmatiq Dedalus

Dedalus Delay is a real-time audio “delay mangler.” A network of delay lines is granulated and modulated, producing a labyrinth of echoes, which are further processed by filters, dynamic processors, and saturation modules.

It can create various effects, from reverb-like ambiances to evolving resonations, from rhythmic pulsation to chaotic layering, from subtle chorusing to pure noise. You can add reverb-like ambiances to your tracks, create evolving resonances, add rhythmic pulsations, or layer sounds in chaotic and unpredictable ways.

What sets Dedalus apart is its ability to generate amazing organic and evolving soundscapes, from subtle chorus effects to pure noise. With its intuitive interface and wide range of parameters, Dedalus makes creating truly unique and immersive sound experiences easy.

Key Features

  • The delay can be set in rhythmic values, in seconds, and also ad MIDI note pitches (resonances)
  • delay time can be continuously varied and granulated.
  • feedback up to 200% to create infinite ever-changing resonances. A limiter within the feedback circuit prevents the uncontrolled increase in sound volume.
  • two cascaded fourth-order filters (low-pass and high-pass) allow the shaping of the sound spectrum within the feedback loop.
  • overdrive module creates a warm distortion that gives depth to the sound.
  • duck/gate dynamics processor allows the sound produced by the delay to “breathe” along with the rhythmic accents of the incoming sound.
  • modulation engine with eight modulators useable with all parameters. One modulator can modulate another modulator and even modulate itself! You can draw the waveform of the modulator, and use a step sequencer or a random waveform generator.

First Impression

Creative delays seem to be in vogue these days. See Minimal Audio’s new Cluster Delay. However, both plugins are different. You can clearly see that Dedalus rather picks up the experimental musicians with the granular synthesis and the deep modulation options. I’ve already had the opportunity to take a closer look at the plugin.

Dedalus is a lot of fun. The interface is very clear and simply structured. You know immediately where the features are. The engine can do both: classic delays to super complex effects that are full of modulation. Don’t forget, you can modulate modulators with modulators or you can modulate them themselves, which allows you to generate wild chains. The results also sound corresponding.

Also nice is that you can work properly with modulated delay times. Dedalus is a delay that goes beyond the classic and is therefore a very own, original effects processor.

Aqusmatiq Dedalus is available now for an introductory price of 19€ (reg. 49€) until March 31st, 2023. It runs as a VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (Intel + native Apple Silicon) and Windows.

More information here: Aqusmatiq (Istononik Studios) 

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