Zoom UAC-232, new portable 2-channel 32-bit float audio & MIDI interface

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Zoom UAC-232 is a new portable 2-channel 32-bit float audio and MIDI interface, including a loopback functionality and a software editor. 

Zoom has been turning its product lineup upside down for a few months. One functionality plays a major role in this movement, 32-bit float recording. More and more of the Japanese company’s products feature this new higher resolution. Zoom only released the MicTrak series, three affordable 32-bit handheld recorders, at the end of December (2022).

Now the next product. With the UAC-232, yes, a cryptic name, Zoom shows a small audio/MIDI interface with 32-bit float technology. According to Zoom, it’s even the first on the market. No idea if that’s true or just a marketing buzzword.

Zoom UAC-232

Zoom UAC-232

The new UAC-232 is a new USB 3.0 audio and MIDI interface for podcasters, musicians, streamers, and recorders alike. The UAC-232 builds on the success of the UAC-2 but comes with a new 32-bit/192kHz A/D resolution. This gives users more headroom, so recordings don’t start clipping as quickly. Plus enables low-latency and low-noise recording.

It features dual XLR/TRS combo inputs with microphone preamps equivalent to those in the Zoom F6 field recorder. Each channel includes a dedicated switch to activate +48V phantom power for condenser mics, and channel 1 also includes a Hi-Z switch. Then, you get a front panel headphone input socket with a level potentiometer. Next to this is a direct monitor option with a dedicated output volume knob.

On the back side, you will find two TRS outputs (L/R), a full-size MIDI interface (In/Out), and two USB-C sockets. The first connects the interface to PC, mac, iOS, and Android devices. With another USB-C cable, you can power the interface via a USB power supply. However, the UAC-232 is bus-powered, so you only need external power in special cases like iOS devices.

Zoom UAC-232

Zoom also ships the audio interface with the mix control software, allowing you to easily modify the I/O routings. In this soft environment, you can activate the built-in loopback functionality, control the inputs, and monitor the levels.

Two operation modes are available: in the music mode, the interface streams the audio straight to your daw. In streaming mode, it combines all inputs into one signal for streaming applications. Moreover, the UAC-232 makes it supremely simple to combine input audio and playback from a computer, then route it back to your software, promise Zoom.

At first glance a nice 2-channel audio & MIDI interface. I’m glad to see more and more 32-bit audio devices coming out. And also at very affordable prices.

Zoom UAC-232 is available soon for $199,99 USD/229€.

More information here: Zoom

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