SSL BiG SiX, 12-channel analog mixer with built-in USB interface

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SSL has official introduced the BiG SiX, the big brother of the SiX console with the same popular hybrid features but with more channels, functions & more.

With the SiX, Solid State Logic released an analog mixer highlight in 2019. It gives musicians the analog SSL sound in a compact, hybrid device with a lot of functionality. For several weeks/months there have been rumors and leaks about a larger version of the SiX.

And yes it is true. The SiX has a big brother and it looks gorgeous.

Solid State Logic BiG SiX

Solid State Logic BiG SiX

The Big SiX offers a lot. It features twelve fully balanced input channels split into four mono channels and four stereo channels. The four mono channels have balanced inserts, are powered by SSL’s “SuperAnalogue” microphone preamps and has phantom power. They are also includes a high pass filter at 75 Hz.

Then, each of these channels comes with a 3-band EQ with the option to switch between bell and shelf characteristics on the high and low bands. On top, each mono channel also offers a one-knob SSL compressor. Next to the mono section, we have the stereo channels which are no less extensive. They feature Hi-Z switches and also offer 3-band EQs but without the shelving option. Each input channel also hosts a 100 mm fader and a LED level meter for direct visual feedback.

SSL Big Six

Hybrid Worfklow

Like its little brother SiX, the Big SiX is not only an analog mixer console but also a full-fledged USB-C audio interface. It gives you 16 channels of AD/DA conversion with 18-channel stereo summing during mixdown. There is also another balanced insert and a simplified SSL Bus compressor in the mixbus section. Not to forget is the mix bus inject input for cascading several SiX and/or Big SiX mixers. A practical addition with which you can easily expand the console.

Further, it includes two stereo cue sends and a monitoring section with a talkback input. The Big SiX also has two headphone output can be assigned to the two cue busses individually.

A very exciting hybrid mixing console. I really like the concept that you get the high-end analog SSL sound quality but also a full-fledged USB-C interface in one device. I can imagine that the device will find a home in many home studios. For me, unfortunately, very far out of my budget.

Solid State Logic BiG SiX is available now for pre-order for $2999 USD/2999€.

More information here: Solid State Logic

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