SequencerTalk is celebrating its 4th birthday for a month with special content and a big raffle

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The German Synthesizer videocast SequencerTalk is celebrating its 4th birthday bash a month long with special content and a big synth raffle.

How time flies. Four years ago, Dean Freud and Mic Moogulator created SequencerTalk. A video cast/YouTube channel that goes live every Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. (CET). In addition, at more irregular dates for special episodes. The talks are mostly in German. Depending on which guest is invited, these will also be held in English.

Unlike many other synth YouTube channels, the team prefers to take you behind the scenes of the music tech world. This ranges from artist interviews with in-depth studio looks, exciting discussions with synth developers (Rolf Wöhrmann, Frédéric Meslin…) about new projects and designs, and more.

SequencerTalk 4th birthday

There are also special episodes such as Mic Moogulator’s “Monologs” where synthesizers, no matter super vintage or super hot new, are presented in live streams together with the community.

Coming together is important to the two creators. So, in addition to the live stream chats, active ST supporters over SteadyHQ (german Patreon alternative), can take part in a weekly “After Talk” group call (Stammtisch), which is generally in German. Here you can communicate with other people, ask questions or spend a nice evening listening to the wild goings-on.

SequencerTalk 4th Birthday

SequencerTalk turns 4 today. Four years “Steuerspannung”. Happy Birthday, guys! Dean Freud and Mic Moogulator will celebrate this special day for a month. Everyone is invited to participate because it’s worth it.

SequencerTalk 4th birthday

Between February 21st and March 21st, there will be live streams as well as special content that will also be available in English. In the first special birthday episode, they celebrate with five guests: Steve Baltes, DJ Zardonic, Robert Babicz, Phable, and myself (Synth Anatomy).

And at a big birthday bash, of course, no gifts should be missing. You can win tons of new hardware and software gear for your music studio all month, including products from Arturia, IK Multimedia, LeafAudio, Fred’s Lab, Neutral Labs, XOR Electronics, and more.

Happy birthday again from my side. You are doing a fabulous job for the community, and keep it up. Cheers to many more years to come.

The German-speaking community needs more quality video content. So don’t forget to tune in today. It will be a wonderful celebration that will probably last longer than any previous episode.

More information here: SequencerTalk on Steady 

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