PWM chief developer Paul Whittington is guest at the SequencerTalk livestream

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The German Youtube video cast SequencerTalk has the developer of the PWM Malevolent as guest for a detailed interview today.

In 2021 the new British company PWM presented the Malevolent, a raw-sounding analog semi-modular Synthesizer. This polarized the community a lot, mainly because of its sound which is reminiscent of the characterful sound of the Korg MS-20. At Superbooth 22, the company teased its upcoming second new Synthesizer.

The German videocast SequencerTalk has PWM Chief Developer and CEO Paul Whittington on its live stream tonight. In the interview, you will learn about the developments, concepts, company, and more. A Synthesizer video highlight for everyone. Say hi and support their channel. And this episode is in English.

It’s a naughty screamer or are we getting the little brittish synth all wrong? We have Paul Whittington the founder of PWM as a guest in the livestream.

Together with him we will clarify apart from great videos and marketing whether the little spitfire deserves his place in the music studios.

PWM Malevolent is available now for $499 USD (reg. $599) and 498€.

More information here: PWM 

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