Black Friday Hardware Music Tech Deals 2022 incl. synths, drum machines, effects & more

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Summary of all Black Friday Deals 2022 on music tech hardware incl synthesizers, drum machines, Eurorack modules, studio equipment, and more. 

It’s that time again. It’s Black Friday week, and the prices of a lot of music tech products are plummeting. There are not only great deals on plugins or apps but also on hardware products like synthesizers, drum machines, effects, and more.

Like last year, I summarize all the big, worldwide deals for Black Friday in a big table for you. The one from Germany (Thomann, Musicstore…), from the USA, etc.

Black Friday 2022 Hardware Synthesizers

The SYNTH ANATOMY website helps you to see through the discount jungle. In such wild times, there is a high risk that you only look at the percentages and not at the dealer. Don’t pay attention and you’ve bought something at a fake shop.

To protect you from these websites, I summarize the best and legal Black Friday deals on hardware synthesizers & music tech from trustable partner and non-partner shops. Further, I categorized them by name, discount, type, and shop offering you a convenient source to find the perfect deal.

The list will be updated on a daily basis. Feel free to visit the list more often because new deals are constantly being added.

BehringerRD-6-LM20,8% OFFEUThomann
BehringerTD-3-BK23,26% OFFEUThomann
Behringer961 Interface12,66% OFFEUThomann
Behringer923 Filters11,24% OFFEUThomann
AodyoAnyma Phi 20,24% OFFEUThomann
Moog Sound Studio: DFAM & Subharmonicon16,2% OFFEUThomann
MoogSound Studio: Mother-32 & DFAM14,41% OFFEUThomann
Studio ElectronicsSE-1X 201911,45% OFFEUThomann
SOMALyra-8 Orange13,35% OFFEUThomann
Yamaha MX49 V2 Blue12,52% OFFEUThomann<
Joranalogue Audio DesignMorph 414,37% OFFEUThomann
Behringer921A Oscillator Driver8,54% OFFEUThomann
ElektronSyntakt12% OFFEUThomann

Perfect Circuit
Doepfer A-126-2 Frequency Shifter VE9,76% OFFEUThomann
DoepferA-126-2 Frequency Shifter8,36% OFFEUThomann
KurzweilPC4 SE6,32% OFFEUThomann
MoogClaravox Centennial Theremin6,32% OFFEUThomann
KorgminiKorg 700 FS5,88% OFFEUThomann
KorgmicroKORG5,01% OFFEUThomann
Erica SynthsDas Kleine Fusion8,17% OFFEUThomann
Endorphin.esGround Control Silver7,24% OFFEUThomann
Akai MPC Key 615,12% OFFEUThomann
Behringer 2600 Blue Marvin13,82%
Roland FA-0730,19%
KOMAField Kit 16,06%
Behringer TD-3-MO (Gold)10% OFFEUThomann
BehringerTD-3-MO (Silver)10% OFFEUThomann
TipTop Audio FSU white14,21%
TipTop AudioMODFX white
Expert SleepersGeneral CV13,32%
Expert SleepersIvo11,31%
XOR Electronics More Video IO20,41%
NovationLaunchpad X24,58% OFFEUThomann
FocusriteVocaster One32% OFFEUThomann
FocusriteVocaster Two Studio28% OFFEUThomann
FocusriteFocusrite Vocaster Two30% OFFEUThomann
ValetonGP-200 Multi-Effects Pedal20%
HOTONEAmpero II Stomp Multi-Effects Pedal20%
AKAI ProfessionalMPC Key 615,12% OFFEUThomann
AKAI ProfessionalMPK 24943,8% OFFEULink
AKAI ProfessionalMPK 22526,34% OFFEUThomann
NektarImpact GXP4914,05% OFFEUThomann
NektarImpact GXP8811,76% OFFEUThomann
DualoDu-Touch S White16,91% OFFEUThomann
DreadboxDarkness Reverb7,72% OFFEUThomann
BehringerDR-600 Reverb15,56% OFFEUThomann
tc electronicFlashback 2 X4 Delay10,81% OFFEUThomann
1010 Musicnanobox fireball15,81% OFFEUSchneidersladen
ALM Busy CircuitsTyso Daiko11,83% OFFEUSchneidersladen
AuzaWave Packets21,53% OFFEUSchneidersladen
BefacoLich17,75% OFFEUSchneidersladen
Eurorack EssentialsDual Switch15,38% OFFEUSchneidersladen
Expert SleepersBeatrix12,92% OFFEUSchneidersladen
Expert SleepersIvo11,43% OFFEUSchneidersladen
Frequency Central Chronograf15,15% OFFEUSchneidersladen
Frequency Central Cosmic Background18,35% OFFEUSchneidersladen
Funque Mod x Look Mum No Computer #1114 Grr Filter/VCA20,83% OFFEUSchneidersladen
Funque Mod x Look Mum No Computer#1222 Performance VCO20,83% OFFEUSchneidersladen
Livestock ElectronicsBang28,78% OFFEUSchneidersladen
Qu-Bit Electronix Cascade (Black)22,73% OFFEUSchneidersleiden
Rebel Technology Witch26,1% OFFEUSchneidersladen
Synthesis Technology E580 Resampling Mini-Delay25,31% OFFEUSchneidersladen
Thomas Henry Designs Mega Percussive Synth25,45% OFFEUSchneidersladen
BehringerTD-3-MO30% OFFUSSweetwater
RodeRodecaster Pro 28,35% OFFUSSweetwater
Korg Volca DealBuy 2 Volcas Get 1 FREE100% OFFUSSweetwater
Kurzweil PC4 88-key Synthesizer Workstation20% OFFUSSweetwater
Waldorf Kyra FPGA Synthesizer 16% OFFUSSweetwater
WaldorfM16% OFFUSSweetwater
Behringer260028,62% OFFUSSweetwater
Behringer 2600 Gray Meanie30,02% OFFUSSweetwater
Behringer 2600 Blue Marvin25,02% OFFUSSweetwater
BehringerModel D25% OFFUSSweetwater
BehringerPro-D15% OFFUSSweetwater
BehringerOdyssey25% OFFUSSweetwater
Jackson AudioSelected Pedals20% OFFUSSweetwater
JHS Pedals20% OFFUSSweetwater
WamplerSelected Pedals20% OFF Up ToUSSweetwater
Keeley Pedals15% OFFUSSweetwater
Red PandaPedals15% OFFUSSweetwater
EventideSelected Pedals15% OFFUSSweetwater
TC Electronic Infinite Sample Sustainer Pedal25,16% OFFUSSweetwater
TC ElectronicHall of Fame 2 Reverb Pedal25,16% OFFUSSweetwater
TC ElectronicPlethora X5 multi effects18,21% OFFUSSweetwater
Perfect Circuit Shop10% OFF on selected non-sale items using code CIRCUIT10USPerfect Circuit
Korg Minilogue XD Analog Polysynth18% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Korg Volca Drum24% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Korg Volca Modular26% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Akai ProfessionalMPC One Sampling Workstation22% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Roland MC-707 Groovebox13% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro Analog Paraphonic Synthesizer29% OFFUSSweetwater
Korg RK-100S 2 Keytar Synthesizer30% OFFUSSweetwater
Korg Volca Beats Analog Drum Machine24% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Norand Mono Monophonic Analog Synthesizer15% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Modal Electronics Cobalt 8M Desktop Virtual Analog Synthesizer22% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Roland VERSELAB MV-1 Song Production Studio29% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Soundmachines Modulor114 Modular Synthesizer20% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
IK MultimediaUNO Drum Lo-Fi Drum Machine26% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro Analog Paraphonic Synthesizer (Desktop)33% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
SoundmachinesNS1 Nanosynth Bundle With Case25% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
JMT Synth NVO-1 Desktop Analog Synthesizer25% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
IK Multimedia UNO Analog Synthesizer35% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
JMT Synth EWG-1 Desktop Synthesizer20% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Teenage EngineeringOP-Z16,69% OFFEUThomann
Teenage EngineeringOP-Z17% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Patching PandaEphemere CV Recorder25% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Sputnik Variable Waveform Generator18% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
AJH SynthMiniMod Dual LFO + VCA25% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Erica SynthsFusion Modulator Analog Modulation Source25% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
ThonkUse Code NOV2220% OFFUKThonk
SynthCubeUse Code BF2220% OFFUSSynthCube
Noise EngineeringUse Code MIXNMASH
Plugins and Hardware
15% OFFUSNoise Engineering
Modbap ModularUse Code BLACKOUT2215% OFFUSModbap Modular
Qu-Bit ElectronixUse Code QBFALL202215% OFFUSQu-Bit Electronix
Bored Brain
Use Code GIMME1515% OFFUSBored Brain
Befaco Noise Plethora Three-Channel Noise Generator15% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Five12Vector Sequencer15% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Erica Synths Black System III Modular Synthesizer13% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Doepfer A-126-2 Frequency Shifter18% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
XAOC Devices Katowice Stereo Variable-Band Isolator15% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Tiptop Audio ZVERB Reverb15% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Erica Synths Black Polivoks System15% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Random Source Serge Extended ADSR18% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Expert Sleepers CVM-8 CV to MIDI + I2C Converter18% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Tiptop Audio Z8000 V2 Matrix Sequencer15% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
AJH Synth Finaliser R-EQ Reverb + Equalizer + Enhancer15% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
ADDAC System ADDAC102 VC FM Radio (Black)15% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Extralife Instruments Super Sixteen Sequencer15% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
AJH Synth Precision Voltages20% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Jolin Lab TABØR Rhythmic Avalanche Oscillator (Mirror Panel)20% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
L-1 Stereo Mixer + Mute + IO Expanders25% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Super Synthesis Scanner + ISO Bundle50% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
DoepferA-110-6 Trapezoid Thru-Zero Quadrature VCO18% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Erica Synths Pico System III - Eurorack15% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Doepfer A-188-1C BBD Delay - 2048 Stages30% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Mosaic Decimator Bit Crusher30% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
MosaicHi-Hat25% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
MosaicPlucked String18% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Super SynthesisVCAs + Scanner Bundle37% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Frequency CentralSystem X Oscillator40% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Animal FactoryPit Viper Distortion (Eurorack)30% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Super Synthesis SVFs Dual Filter20% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
DoepferA-101-1 Vactrol Steiner Filter30% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Mosaic Snare Drum25% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Winterbloom Big Honking Button Sampler + Gate Source"25% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Noise Lab Prime Mover Analog VCO30% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Noise Lab Wrinkler Wave Shaper30% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Erica Synths Quadraphonic Surround Panner Modular System20% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Tenderfoot Electronics Source and Confluence VCO + Wavemixer Expander30% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Audio Gear Obsession DYNAMICENGINE Dual Compressor-Limiter20% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
2hp Picnic Basket Modular System20% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
ADDAC System ADDAC703 Discrete Mixer25% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Tall Dog Electronics uPlaits SE Macro Oscillator30% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Praxis Electronics Snake Charmer Out25% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Erica Synths Toms Percussion Source25% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
2hp Effects Rack Lunchbox Modular System20% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
2hp Drum Machine Lunchbox Modular System20% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Super Synthesis SVFs + ISO Bundle23% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
ACL KAZU V2 Eurorack Power Supply30% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Foxing Hour Daisy Chainable Matrix Mixer30% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Division 6 Filtare SEIII Multimode Filter30% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
IO Instruments Carpo Triple Headphone Amplifier40% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
L-1 Discrete Basic VCO Triangle-Core Oscillator25% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Blood Cells Audio 221x2 4-Channel Audio + CV Utility25% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Sonocurrent C GF4E Expansion Module for C GF425% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Malekko Heavy Industry DIN Sync Expander30% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
ADDAC System ADDAC203 CV Mapping (Red)25% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
TubbutecLink Patchbay (3U)30% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
ADDAC System ADDAC301C Pedal Switcher (Black)30% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Noise Engineering Cursus Iteritas Magnus 5U20% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Tenderfoot Electronics VCA Triple VCA + Mixer30% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Erica Synths Pico VCO2 Oscillator25% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
L-1 Unity Stereo Mixer30% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Foxing Hour MultA Dual 1:3 Buffered Multiple30% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Foxing Hour Luma RGB to Y Greyscale Converter30% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
New Systems InstrumentsVCA25% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Manhattan Analog DTA Discrete VCA25% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Tenderfoot Electronics Cells Expander for Lattice20% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Transient Modules 2M Dual Mixer30% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
ADDAC System ADDAC402B HRG Expansion (Red)25% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Expert Sleepers ES-40 SPDIF Interface25% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Blue Lantern Phobos Lunar VCF20% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Rebel Technology Mix 03 4CH Mixer30% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
North Coast Synthesis MSK 008 Dual VC Octave Switch25% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Erica Synths Black VCA V220% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Sonocurrent C GF4 Group Fader + Distributor20% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
DoepferA-138c Polarizing Mixer25% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Modulaire Maritime Sindikat Control Voltage Processor20% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Koma ElektronikStrom+20% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Noise Lab Augmentor Dual VCA30% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
TubbutecLink Patchbay (1U)30% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Erica Synths Sequential Switch CV Expander V220% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Erica Synths Black VCF Coupler20% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Elby Designs ED721 Super Psycho LFO Expansion60% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Wavefonix 6-Channel Audio Mixer - Standard Edition20% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Pulp Logic Primitive Ring Modulator25% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Animodule DD Dual VCA25% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
AnimoduleLil' Monster VCO25% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
WMD QAAF Quad Anti-Aliasing Filter20% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Doepfer A-198m Trautonium Controller (Module Only)20% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Benidub Digital Echo Desktop Delay15% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Roland VT-4 Voice Transformer15% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Trogotronic c36 Revolution Analog Audio Controller18% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
LastGasp Art Laboratories Misty Cave Resonance Echo Pedal18% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
BossIR-200 Amp and Cabinet Simulator Pedal22% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Mantic Pendulum Crossfading Switcher Pedal30% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Sherman Filterbank 2 Rack25% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
BossHM-2W Waza Craft Heavy Metal Distortion Pedal25% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
JAM Pedals Delay Llama Mk2 Analog Delay Pedal30% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Future Sound Systems MTX8 Pin Matrix20% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Caroline Guitar Company Wave Cannon V2 Overdrive Pedal25% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Source Audio Mercury Flanger Pedal25% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Red Witch Famulus Overdrive Pedal50% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Source Audio True Spring Reverb Pedal w/ Tap Switch20% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Source Audio L.A. Lady Overdrive Pedal20% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Source Audio Kingmaker Fuzz Pedal20% OFFUSPerfect Circuit
Ableton Push 220% OFFEU
Patchwerks Use Code PW10 10% OFF USPatchwerks
Sound Of You10% OFFEUSound Of You


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