Dawesome KULT, a cinematic Synthesizer driven by a novel chaos engine

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Dawesome Kult is a new Synthesizer plugin with an innovative chaos engine with 30+ models that takes the epic cinematic path,

In a year, umpteen new Synthesizer plugins come onto the market. Keeping track is often not that easy. Not even for the media. But it’s noticeable that not every synth release is super innovative or offers something new that 50 others can’t already do. Often the little things make the difference on the feature sheet.

However, the only big unique selling point of each release remains the sound, which is different for each developer. It is good that there are also more experimental-oriented developers who constantly have new ideas and are also innovative.

Dawesome Kult

See Peter from Dawesome, an independent developer with a portfolio of bizarre, fascinating synth plugins (Abyss, Novum…). Just before the Christmas holidays, he is back with another special Synthesizer plugin called Kult.

Dawesome KULT

Thanks to Peter for sending out a test version. So I can tell you more details about Kult.

Dawesome’s third Synthesizer plugin is anything but bread and butter. The structure of Kult is subtractive with two oscillators, stereo filters, envelopes, LFOs, random.. etc. Very classic but there is a lot of unusual synth technology hidden in this new synth. The oscillators can generate classic waves but also weird complex structures that go far beyond what is known from other synthesis forms.

Chaos Theory Oscillators

That’s because the oscillator core is based on the mathematical chaos theory “Strange Attractors.” I would have to be a mathematician to explain how the process works. Sonically, it sounds like the waveforms being generated are constantly in motion, making them sound more organic and rich in my ears, at least. For each oscillator, you can choose one of 30+ models ranging from classic waveforms like sawteeth, and squares… to unusual chaotic sculptures. That’s where the fun begins.

Each oscillator can be adjusted in the upper range with several parameters. Besides gain control, it is possible to give the sculptures a more saw or square wave-like timbre by shaping the sound in that direction. Then, you work with a frequency shifter, s-shift, and phase adjustments. S-shift is something so new the developer doesn’t know how to explain it himself in simple words. It can be seen as an LFO on the parameter.

In the third third of the interface, there are further parameters for the oscillators, including pitch, FM, AM, a vowel filter, unison, and an output section with a panner. You can also adjust the mixing relationship of both oscillators in detail. The visualization of the generated waveforms of the sound engine in real time is fascinating. It represents and sculpts the waves as curves in a 2D space.

Dawesome Kult

Filter, Modulation, Effects

Then the two oscillators flow through a stereo filter with a twist. It has two analog-style filters, each with 12db/24db options, and can be configured in serial and parallel. Exciting is the possibility of infusing a distortion and a comb filter in the filter signal path. Either before the filter or after. So you can intersperse very rich harmonic elements in the signal. Much feedback was used in the presets, which is also possible here.

KULT has a sophisticated modulation engine with drawable LFOs, envelopes, random generators, pressure, and MPE. Mapping parameters is super easy via an integrated matrix on the left. Each modulator is very customizable, so you can craft it to suit your sound. So you get not very classic modulators.

Dawesome has also given its Kult Synthesizer an impressive number of effects. These are very similar to those from the Novum Synth: reverb, clouds (super atmo reverb), shimmer, delay, phaser, chorus, and channel EQ.  This allows you to build epic drones and atmospheres or refine the sounds. Also onboard is a creative arpeggiator with different patterns and more.

The developer ships the plugin with over 300 professional-designed presets, which drift very much into experimental, strange worlds. I made a big sound demo with a lot of patches that I really enjoyed. I would be very happy about the comments and likes in the video. A little boost for the video is always very welcome. Thanks a lot.

First Impression

You’re probably thinking: what’s so innovative and different about it now? Well, you don’t see it at first glance. It’s only when playing and experimenting with Kult that you realize that the oscillators can make very wild stuff. As I said before, I really enjoy the organic, “moving” sound of it. This is particularly suitable for textures, drones, and esoteric FX sounds. Kult is a synth that I see well in the hands of a soundtrack composer. It’s lovely massive, explosive one-note sounds.

I’ve only had a Kult for 2 days, and I’m already looking forward to taking a deeper look at the plugin in the next few days. I really liked what I’ve heard so far. For me, it’s one of the most exciting Synthesizer plugins of 2022. A late release but an excellent one.

Dawesome KULT is available now for a special introductory price of $64,50 USD instead of $129 USD. There is also a 90 days unlimited trial version available on the website.

More information here: Tracktion/Dawesome

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  1. This thing sounds great! I just got it last night and spent over an hour going through the sounds. Easy to program as well!

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