GS DSP’s intriguing spectral MagicDelay is now available for iOS AUv3

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GS DSP’s unique multi-curve spectral MagicDelay plugin is now available on your iOS mobile device (iPhone, iPad) in standalone and iPad. 

In the last article, I wrote about how happy I am that more and more manufacturers are discovering the iOS world. Recently Unfiltered Audio and soon AudioThing. To bigger independent plugin players.

The special plugin portfolio from the young Austrian developer GS DSP will also soon be available on iOS. Its unique spectral MagicDelay is already out and ready to infuse strange delays on your mobile device.

GS DSP MagicDelay

MagicDelay iOS

Another high-quality plugin has made it to iOS. Also, something that breaks new ground and that makes fun to use.

MagicDelay is a spectral delay based on a multi-curve engine with a built-in tweakable modulation system. The mission of the plugin is to offer the user a tool that makes working with many delay times much easier. Instead of replicating the workflow of classic delays, it uses a unique curve editor.

It allows you to draw up to 4 separate curve where you can fluently morph between delays. Additionally, you get XY pad control for manual morphing. There is also sync over the delay times in the DAW.

MagicDelay also hosts a built-in straightforward modulation system operable with a few clicks. It offers different modulators, including LFOs, random generators, or envelope followers. The latter can be routed to the amplitude, pitch, brightness, or even response to side-chain inputs.

And yes, the app comes with AUv3 support. So you can use the plugin in multiple instances.

As already written in the article about the PC/Mac plugin version, the MagicDelay is a very innovative, special delay processor. One with a fresh concept which, above all, allows the creation of very complex, rhythmic, or morphing delay structures not possible with classic delays.

I am very happy about the step to iOS. However, the regular asking price is too high for an app. You can ask 30€+ for an app, but you have to keep in mind that you will reach fewer customers with it.

GS DSP is available now for a special introduction price (50% OFF) of 23,99€ (reg. 47,98€). It’s a universal app and runs on iPad and iPhone but not on macOS. For the latter, there is a macOS and Windows version available for 74,74€.

More information here: GS DSP  AppStore 

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