Endorphin.es Airstreamer 4, ultra-slim 4HP looping envelope for Eurorack

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Endorphin.es Airstreamer 4 is a new ultra-slim multi-mode envelope generator with loop functionality in just 4HP.

Everyone who works with Eurorack synthesizers knows the problem with the limited rack space. To bring so much functionality into a compact setup, many like to work with multi-function generators or modules that are compact. So between 2HP and 6HP.

The Barcaelona-based developer company Endorphin.es now shows that you can make modules even smaller, taking up even less space in your rack. Even if the module was already described as compact.

Endorphin.es Airstreamer 4

Endorphin.es Airstreamer 4

Airstreamer 4 is a complete redesign of the previous 6HP Airstreamer envelope generator module. Now significantly slimmer with only 4HP but with just as much functionality. Endorphin.es promises low aliasing CV generation thanks to the 224kHz sample rate.

It remains a very flexible envelope generator with three modes that can be selected with a toggle switch. It can act as an ASR (attack, sustain, release) or AD (attack, decay) envelope or run in the cycle/loop mode. In the latter mode, the envelope becomes an LFO-style modulator, and thanks to audio rate oscillation, you can also use it as an oscillator.

Airstreamer offers continuously variable shapes over both slopes without stretching the slope’s duration in time. The envelopes can be controlled with the rise and fall parameters. Terms that we know from the west coast world. Plus, you can set the envelope to exponential or logarithmic behavior.

The module also has a good range of modular connectivity. This includes a trigger/gate input, a 1v/oct input, bipolar and unipolar outputs, and a end of cycle output. Further, you get CV control over the fall (decay/release) parameter.

There is also a handy polarizer knob with additional VCA input that scales the envelope and inverts it when CV goes to negative voltages. This allows you to create sidechain envelopes without needing external mixer/inverts/offset generators.

Airstreamer 4 can also be used as a slew limiter, sample & hold generator, or track & hold for external CV sources.

First Impression

This looks like a good further development of the Airstreamer module. Above all, it is nice that with 4HP it also fits very well in compact setups. So it takes up little space, but offers a lot of functionality.

Endorphin.es Airstreamer 4 is available now for $189 USD/189€ in both black and silver.

More information here: Endorphin.es

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