U-he Zebra 2 Legacy is available now, here is everything that changes

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U-he Zebra Legacy will replace Zebra 2 and include all sound sets for €99 starting Nov 15th; here’s what’s changing for new and existing customers.

U-he Zebra 2 Legacy is now available. Every Z2 user can now download the legacy version with all libraries for free. For those who don’t have a Zebra 2 license, the legacy version is now available for €99 but without an upgrade option to the Z3.


Article November 8th, 2022

Modular synthesis is always directly associated with a lot of cables and resulting in cable clutter. This applies to both hardware and software synths. Zebra 2 by U-he, however, took a different approach from the start. Urs Heckmann’s modular synth works completely without cable. But it’s a modular synth.

The concept has convinced many music producers. For example, Hollywood composer constantly works with Zebra 2, and films like the Dark Knight trilogy, Inception or Dune contain many Zebra content. Just as well known is that Urs and his team have been working hard on Zebra 3 for a long time.

U-he Zebra Legacy

U-he Zebra Legacy

No, no, Zebra 3 isn’t here yet, but the legacy of Zebra 2 is clear with all the changes coming for new and existing users. Don’t worry the plugin will not be sent to the desert. U-he continues to support it and offer updates. However, the developers are currently busy working on Zebra 3 in the background.

In order to make a future transition as easy as possible, they have decided not to stop selling Zebra.2 but to change the product. But in the advantage for existing users.

On November 15th, U-he will release Zebra Legacy, a new bundle consisting of Zebra 2 with all official Zebra sound sets incl. The Dark Zebra for a unbeatable price of 99€. This allows U-he to continue maintaining Zebra 2 for many years while they focus on Zebra 3 development.

U-he Zebra Legacy

Existing customers can be happy. They can use Zebra Legacy and all its content free of charge with their existing license. There’s a catch to the whole thing, and that’s for people wanting to take advantage of the Zebra Legacy. As has long been known, existing customers can upgrade to Zebra 3 for 30€ when it is released. Buyers of the “The Dark Zebra” sound set will get the update for free.

However, this does not apply to Zebra Legacy buyers. U-he will not offer an upgrade path to Zebra 3 for licenses purchased on or after November 15th. They have to pay the full price for the release of Zebra 3. Here again in simple:

  • Zebra Legacy for 99€ or FREE for existing Zebra 2 customers
  • 30€ upgrade to Z3 for Z2 owners
  • Free upgrade to Z3 for existing Z2 + The Dark Zebra owners
  • Buy Zebra 2 + all sound sets for free and benefit from the special future upgrade price
  • By Zebra Legacy with no option to upgrade to Zebra 3

It’s difficult to give you the perfect tip, but I’ll try. If Zebra2 and Zebra 3 are on your bucket list, you should get the plugin before November 15th. So you keep the possibility to upgrade for a very fair price.

For those who would like to explore Zebra 2 but don’t have the budget or don’t always need the latest stuff, they should wait for the Legacy version. This will be updated for many years to come.

Says one who bought Zebra 2 and The Dark Zebra many years ago for almost the full price. Don’t forget there is still the Zebra 2 Dinosaur crossgrade, where you get a 50€ discount when you have unused or unloved vintage gear lying around.

U-he Zebra Legacy will be available on November 15th, 2022, for 99€ and includes all official sound sets, including The Dark Zebra.

More information here: U-he 

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  1. Are fucking kidding me? Zebra 3 was announced OVER TEN YEARS ago. It was re-announced FIVE YEARS AGO.

    It’s the only reason I bought Zebra 2 in the first place when I did; I liked my trial of Zebra, but wouldn’t have bought it if he hadn’t promised Z3 was on the way.

    Now he’s pulling this same shit again, with “Zebra Legacy”? Fuck U-he.

    • Legacy makes the synth just more affordable but removes the option to get an upgrade to Zebra 3.
      So they can finance future updates for Zebra 2.

  2. Honestly, until a day or so ago, I had no idea Zebra 2 was so “old”. No matter, it’s still one of the top synths out there. This gets constant updates and fixes by the u-he team. If you don’t already own Zebra 2, Zebra Legacy for $99 with all those soundsets thrown in to boot is a no-brainer.

  3. By the time Zebra 3 comes along, competing synthesizers will be far ahead. U-he’s ambition will never keep up with the changes. It worked with Zebra 2 because it was a synth in a synth desert. Zebra 3 will end up like Synthmaster etc…

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