Korg Minilogue xd Synthesizer Module Version Has Dropped In Price

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The Korg minilogue xd hybrid Synthesizer series (keyboard /module) has dropped significantly in price and there is now a good time to get one

It seems to be the time of good hardware deals. Last week I already reported about the big price drop of the Elektron Digitone Keys, now another Synthesizer has fallen in price. The Korg minilogue xd module, the desktop version of the best-selling 4-voice hybrid Synthesizer from Japan, fell by almost € 100. For the price range, this is a nice discount on a relatively new Synthesizer.

minilogue xd module features a versatile four-voice polyphonic analog Synthesizer engine with 2 oscillators, a filter, 2 envelope generators, LFO, and a VCA. There is also a third oscillator and built-in stereo effects that are based on the “uber” exciting multi-engine that is fully customizable. At this point, the synth is super flexible and offers something that no other company has: a kind of user interchangeable plugins for hardware.


User Oscillators & Stereo Effects

Like the minilogue xd keyboard version, it features the multi-engine which is a customizable open-source environment. Here, you can load in 16 user oscillators and 16 user effects that use 32-bit floating-point DSP processing. These user programs can be coded with the open-source SDK. There are currently a number of super exciting commercial but also free add-ons available. Developers like Sinevibes, Sound Mangling, or DirtBoxSynth are constantly creating new ones.

Just yesterday, DirtBoxSynth released a physical modelling oscillator with which the Minilogue xd but also Prologue can be brought to completely new sound areas. Sinevibes’ oscillators also give you a new approach to synthesis that is not possible with analog oscillators.  The same applies to the effects that are currently available as add-ons: Albedo granular cloud reverb, free BBD chorus,… A lot of choices and yes the selection grows almost daily.

At this price, the minilogue xd / module becomes much more interesting. The 4 voices may not be so exciting for many but you also have to see the synthesis power that is offered here. Not only polyphonic analog but also a customizable digital engine with which you can build for example with a custom oscillator a hybrid physical modeling synth.

Since I still had no opportunity to test the Minilogue XD and even make videos, I quickly ordered one myself with this discount. I have been very enthusiastic about this synthesis engine for a long time, mainly because it shows what is possible with digital technology today. A perfect entry-level drug here is the small NTS1 mono digital Synthesizer, in which the oscillators and effects can also be changed.

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