Woodpressor Is A New Audio Compressor AUv3 For iOS With An Unique Feature Set!

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Woodpressor for iOS AUv3 is a new audio compressor with classic compressor controls but also with some extra features that makes it unique!

Woodman’s Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio, a relative new iOS music developer released today Woodpressor, a new audio compressor for iOS with AUv3 support. It features all best-known controls that you expected from a classic compressor but also offers different functions. Per example, it includes an adaptive threshold, a tube distort or even a side chain filter. Good to see that the app is compatible for AUv3 for iPhone and iPad.


Woodpressor is a high-end audio compressor. It is both a standalone app supporting IAA (Inter-App Audio) and an AUv3 audio unit plugin. It has all the classic compressor controls like “Threshold”, “Attack”, “Release”, “Ratio”, etc.

Extra Features Not Commonly Found On Other Compressor

  • auto gain
  • tube distort
  • adaptive threshold
  • no-linear release
  • side chain filter
  • limiter

Woodpressor is now available for $8.99 USD in the Apple App Store

Available here: Woodpressor 

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