Noise Kitchen, Czech Synthesizer shop is closing its doors

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Czech community-driven Synthesizer and Eurorack Shop Noise Kitchen will close their doors in early November of 2022. 

Another sad news today. After Matttech Modular announced its upcoming closure, the Czech Synthesizer shop Noise Kitchen will also close its doors at the beginning of November. Thus, no more noise comes from the kitchen. This closure is particularly unpleasant since Noise Kitchen is not only an online shop but also a shop that was community-driven.

Unlike the big players, such shops have a big focus on the community. Here, customers have the opportunity to try out products that come from very small developers that are otherwise not found in the big player shops. Plus they bring the Synthesizer community together during regular events with good music, workshops… The community spirit is very strong in such shops. It is all sadder that another shop like this is closing its doors.

Noise Kitchen

Official Statement

This next post comes from heavy hearts: sadly, we will be closing our doors before the beginning of November of this year.
Of course, we’re naturally heartbroken that the project we’ve all deeply loved building must be cut short. In an era when the darkness really does seem to be all around us, we hope to have provided some light and love with Noise Kitchen, and certainly, we have felt it ourselves in the community around us — both in Prague, Brno, around the world, and here online.
However, not all bad news is all bad news — Noise Kitchen (as you know it) is going to die, that is certain, but Noise Kitchen as a community, as a platform and as a collective of individuals, will not.
The precise shape of what we can grow to be is uncertain, but each of us is filled with a fire and a passion to develop the project beyond anything we’ve achieved to date. Until we are equipped to properly disclose those details we will keep some secrets and continue planning.

What does remain certain is that we will remain open until the end of October.

We are still shipping orders and remaining open as per regular hours for customers. We still have exciting modules, or incredible music on vinyl and tape, and in some ways more than ever we need to sell them. In any event, we will still keep something of the connection with our parent company, Bastl Instruments, to whom we’re utterly indebted for their faith and trust from the start. There’ll be a new Bastl e-shop in due course.
So, the shop closes and we’re very sad, but the spirit — which was always the heart of what we did anyway — lives on, and who knows? In time, we might see it grow even beyond the bounds of what it had been before. Until then, come and say hi, pick up some gear and a couple of 12”s, and share a drink with us. We’ll be keeping you posted about any developments with the closing of the store, but also much more fun stuff like sale events and the inevitable farewell party.
And, finally, THANK YOU, to anyone who ever passed through, or said a kind word, or bought something from our shop. We’d never have gotten here without you.
Love, All of us at NK

The news of another well-known European synth shop dying is sad. It shows once again what difficult times we are in at the moment. I wish the owners all the best for the future and hope to keep the Noise Kitchen community alive.

Noise Kitchen will be closing its doors before the beginning of November of this year.

More information here: NK 

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