Magerit Laniakea, new cosmic wavetable oscillator for Eurorack

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Magerit Laniakea is a new wavetable oscillator that invites you on a cosmic journey with wavetables, waveshaping, clusters, and more. 

Magerit is a young Spanish company that entered the highly competitive Eurorack market at the beginning of the year with its first module Metro. A unique 6-channel multi-algorithm drum voice with a built-in euclidean sequencer.

Seven months have passed since the first release and the next module is ready for the big public. This time it’s a new multi-algorithmic oscillator that invites the user on a cosmic sound journey.

Magerit Laniakea

Magerit Laniakea

Almost every Eurorack manufacturer releases one or more oscillators sooner or later, the core of every Eurorack system. In order to stand out from the epic amount of analog and digital oscillators, devs have to come up with new concepts. Laniakea’s concept sounds like a wild adventure in space:

“idea of exploring all possible sound textures, from simple analog and additive oscillators to resonators and strings. Creating music from 80’s synthesizers… Or even experimental music?”

Magerit says that Laniakea’s core consists of several internal generators including an analog oscillator and different wavetables. It is not clear from the available information whether it is a true analog or virtual analog oscillator. But since the rest is all digital, I’m guessing it’s VA, not a hybrid thing.

The internal wavetables, 11 in total, have an interpolation so you can shape the sound without cuts and jumps by using the shape control. There is a color knob that is either a lowpass filter, a wavefolder, or an overdrive perfect for modifying the harmonic content. Magerit also has implemented a tiny additive oscillator.

Magerit Laniakea

Clusters In The Orbit

Then, you can generate rich clusters of up to 8 waves using the cluster knob. They can be chords, so harmonically related or completely chaotic. From lovely harmony to complete chaos with the turn of a knob.

Laniakea’s sound can also be catapulted in a completely different direction with its Orbits knob. This activates the built-in resonator generating organic plastics, tubes, bells, or even string sounds. Cool, the module also hosts a lowpass gate and a stereo reverberator with freezing (effects).

Who wonders what the big illuminated knob does. This is the customizable “macro” space knob that modifies all parameters of the engine together. With a single twist, you can generate massive sound changes. The devs say:

From a simple sound to a complex one, or from a poor texture to a harmonically rich one, or from a small body to a super-cluster of textures? Anything is possible.

An exciting, fresh concept that Magerit came up with for their first oscillator. Reminds me of the complexity of the almost “legendary” Mutable Instruments Plaits in many ways but differently designed. Looking forward to the first sound demos.

Magerit Laniakea is available now for 220€ (excl. VAT).

More information here: Magerit 

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