GEOSynths Vectors, 100 free patches for the Modal Argon 8 Synthesizer

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Modal Electronics has released Vectors, a new free library with 100 patches by sound designer GEOSynths for the Argon 8 wavetable Synthesizer.

Well-programmed sounds let every Synthesizer, regardless of whether it is hardware or software, appear in new splendor. They can spark new enthusiasm for an older instrument, inspire musicians, and become part of a new track. Because we at Sounds view.

Because we’re on sounds. There is free sound food for all Modal Electronics Argon 8 Synthesizer users.

Geo Synths Vectors Modal Electronics

GEOSynths Vectors

British sound designer GEOSynths has teamed up with Modal Electronics. Yes, a Brit rarely comes alone. They both published Vectors, a new free sound library with 100 fresh patches for the Argon 8 wavetable Synthesizer.

It includes swirling motion pads, strings, poly, arps, bells, organs, e-pianos, bass, and more. Modal Electronics says:

Vectors combines GeoSynth’s expertise in sound design with the highly appealing and timeless ARGON8 sound.

That sounds like an offer that Argon 8 shouldn’t resist. 100 new sounds are many and I’m pretty sure Jamie Morden aka GEOSynths did here a great job. Don’t miss this new release.

GEOSynths Vectors is available now as a free download from the Modal Electronics website. It is compatible with the Argon 8, Argon 8M, and Argon 8X.

More information here: Modal Electronics 

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  1. I must say Modal are very generous when it comes to sound patches for their synths and GEOSynths is an excellent sound designer, especially fore more delicate and nuanced tones.

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