ValhallaDSP Supermassive 1.2 Free Plugin Adds Two New 80s Style Reverb Modes

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ValhallaDSP Supermassive, a fantastic free atmospheric reverb plugin (PC / Mac) just got another algorithm boost in version 1.2 with two new 80s style reverb modes. 

Reverbs, do you have a favorite? ValhallaDSP is at the top of my list because they sound incredibly beautiful and are very intuitive to use. Sean Costello also does a lot of other things right: $50 per plugin is a no-brainer, no sales even not on Black Friday, no annoying registration procedures… Another point that stands out with every ValhallaDSP release is the GUI design. They are very simple and do not distract from the creative process.

If $50 is too much for you, you can download the Supermassive delay/reverb for free. The 10 available delay/reverb algorithms give you many options for massive soundscapes. Supermassive is not an appetizer/lite version for other ValhallaDSP plugins. It’s a full plugin that is in no way limited in its features. And it doesn’t remind you every year to renew your update plan. It stays free forever and even gets better regularly. Today, too, we welcome an update for Supermassive that will please everyone.

Valhalla Supermassive 1.2

ValhallaDSP Supermassive 1.2

ValhallaDSP today released Supermassive 1.2, which once again expands the delay/reverb engine. Last September Sean gave us exciting algorithms in Supermassive 1.1. In version 1.2, there are two more. Cirrus Major is a lower density reverb/echo mode, with a mysterious pattern to the initial echoes. Great for sparse multitap delays, spacious echoes, and cold 80s reverbs.

Cirrus Minor resembles the first in many respects, but not in everything. It’s smaller and less dense and creates interesting strange repeating echoes. According to the developer, it is also capable of creating evolving echoes if you turn up the size while turning down the density. Lovely mind-80s digital room reverbs are possible if you do the opposite.

Both modes are named after one of Sean Costello’s favorite Pink Floyd songs Cirrus Minor. I don’t see any sound demos for the new reverb modes. I tested those that were added in September in a video.

ValhallaDSP Supermassive is a free download for Windows & Mac in VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats. The new beta version for the upcoming 1.1.1 version is on the website.

More information here: VDSP

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