Teenage Engineering TX-6 firmware 1.1.4 adds recording, external MIDI control and more

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Teenage Engineering has released firmware 1.1.4 for the TX-6 audio interface adding USB audio recording & playback, external MIDI, and more.

In the past few months, Teenage Engineering has caused controversy in the community with two new products. Alongside the new OP-1 Field for 2000€, they released the TX-6, a tiny audio interface that also includes a groove box, MIDI controller, and effects processor.

Already at the Superbooth 22, there were unofficial reports that TE will soon boost the TX-6 with features. They have now done this in firmware 1.1.4.

TX-6 firmware 1..1.4

Teenage Engineering TX-6 Firmware 1.1.4

The new firmware 1.1.4 for the TX-6 is a big one that introduces many features that many people have been asking for. The biggest addition is the ability to record and playback audio on/from a USB mass storage disk or SSD. The files will be stored in 24-bit 48 kHz in stereo wav files and come with armed recording with an automatic start on audio detect. Definitely, a function that this tiny audio interface and processing marvel was missing.

Then, it introduces PO-sync output via the aux and cue sockets, with selectable 8th notes for PO-sync and 16th notes for modular systems. Another major improvement is the external MIDI control support of all TX-6 parameters. Connect it to a MIDI controller or directly to the DAW and remote control from here. More importantly, in this case, you get control with classic big knobs and faders.

The developers also extended the MIDI support for the internal Synthesizer aka synth mode that allows you now to play it chromatically using MIDI notes from an external keyboard. They also added handy “scenes” for saving and loading your settings. You can also adjust the USB audio sample rate support from 48 kHz and additionally 44.1 kHz, for compatibility with MPC live, etc.

Other New Features & Fixes

  • Bluetooth MIDI clock in/out support with clock routing settings.
  • BLE host mode to connect peripherals like BLE midi keyboards.
  • switchable aux and cue outputs, to be able to utilize the higher output level of the aux jack if needed for high impedance headphones.
  • added balanced mono input mode in addition to the stereo / mono / split modes.
  • parameters keep their values until a knob is moved, making it easier to switch knob config without undesired behavior.
  • no snap back of the freeze FX parameter. click to reset instead.
  • smoother change of FX I send.
  • stability bugfix for USB midi host mode.
  • USB audio mode set on menu exit, instead of directly.

The TX-6 remains super tiny and pricey but its concept and design are unique in the audio interface market. I’m glad to see that the developers were able to fulfill some of the user requests so quickly. Above all, the recording suits the Tiny TX-6 very well.

The new Teenage Engineering TX-6 firmware 1.1.4 is available now as a free update. The TX-6 is available now for 1199€.

More information here: Teenage Engineering

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  1. Lotta folks were pissed about the sample rate locked at 48hz. Thats now fixed and can be used with the MPC Live and recording is a great addition. Money well spent to capture jams, eq’d and compressed or a 12in interface. Cant be happier and mine was delivered yesterday so this is even more insane, a next day update.

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