Happy Nerding FX Aid Pro, new firmware adds more LFOs and new oscilloscope

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Happy Nerding has published a new firmware for the FX Aid Pro module with more LFOs, new oscilloscope mode, and more.

Recently, Happy Nerding released a module that many have been waiting for. The FX Aid Pro is a mighty effects module that comes with more than 200 versatile algorithms. The big difference to the other FX Aids is the operation. Here you have more control and a display.

Another highlight is hidden in the engine of the Pro version. Besides its algorithms, it comes with a built-in LFO allowing you to animate the parameters of the effects. Igor the developer, quickly noticed that a single multi-wave LFO is not enough, so there is now a free update that improves this

FX Aid Pro more LFOs

FX Aid Pro More LFOs

The new firmware increases the number of internal multi-wave LFOs to three with a more ergonomic layout. The LFO settings are now represented in one window. Each LFO also comes with a manual restart option via the arbitrary phase. You can also change the LFOs frequency display from Hz to seconds with a one-second-long press.

Then, there is an additional improvement in the visualization. If you switch the effects using the internal LFOs or external CV, the screen now shows the active effect. Further, the firmware adds a new oscilloscope function, and CVs connected to the SRR input will be represented with adjustable horizontal zoom.

A nice update for the FX Aid Pro. I’m looking forward to working with the module.

The new firmware for the Happy Nerding FX Aid Pro is available now as a free download. The module is available soon for 340€.

More information here: Happy Nerding

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