Delta MIDI 001:model D, a hardware MIDI controller for Minimoog VSTs

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Delta MIDI 001:model D is a new boutique MIDI controller for software Minimoog synthesizers (VSTs) giving you hands-on control, now on Kickstarter.

Plugins have advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are clear: very affordable and you can use them in many instances. The overall usability is, on the other side, a disadvantage. Either you operate a plugin with the mouse or with a generic MIDI controller. Both are not optimal or let’s say musical “inspiring”.

In order to bring the hardware feeling to plugins, companies like Soundforce have started to develop boutique hardware controllers that are tailored to specific plugins. Now another young company is going this way. Delta MIDI launched today a Kickstarter campaign for its first MIDI controller.

Delta MIDI 001 Model D

Delta MIDI 001:model D

The 001:model D is an upcoming dedicated, physical MIDI controller for Minimoog VST plugins.  Yes, this is not the first. There is also a Minimoog controller from Soundforce but in a different design.

It features 21 “analog” potentiometers, six 6-stage knobs, 15 toggle switches, 2 lever switches, and 3 LED indicators. This results in 44 physical control elements in total. Just like you know and love it from the original Minimoog Synthesizer. There is also a sync button for instant setting transfer.

The goal of the 001:model D is to give users the hardware Minimoog feel for their favorite software version. According to the developer, they tested it with the Arturia Mini V, Native Instruments Monark, UAD Minimoog®, and the GForce Software Minimonsta®.

There shouldn’t be any problems with the other Minimoog emulations either. That’s because it’s also a classic class-compliant MIDI controller with fully configurable MIDI channel and MIDI CC ensuring full compatibility with any VST and DAW on any device (macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android). That in combination with the Moog Minimoog app on an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad could be a great combo.

Delta MIDI 001 Model D


The controller is currently available on Kickstarter. If the project achieves the funding goal or more, the developer wants to make the hardware open-source. So you can hack the Arduino-based platform and add new functionality to it.

There are also other stretch goals including a Eurorack version, adding MIDI output, and a new version in white and golden besides the regular black one. The idea of making the 001:model D Eurorack compatible is odd. It doesn’t make any sound and it’s a pure MIDI controller. I think very few want to take away their precious Eurorack space for a MIDI controller. Or am I completely wrong there?

Delta MIDI 001:Model D

The Delta MIDI 001:model D is made from three layers of fiberglass with reinforced laminate with an additional layer of sheet aluminum. All this is CNC-machined. It has dimensions of 425 mm x 110 mm x 48 mm (16.75″ x 4.3″ x 1.9″) and a weight of 1100g (2.4 lbs).

First Impression

The idea of tailoring a MIDI controller to a plugin type is not new. As I said, Soundforce from the Netherlands has been doing this for a few years. The market for such controllers is very niche and small. . I wonder if we need another manufacturer to satisfy the interest.

We’ll see how well the Kickstarter campaign will perform. I think it’s good that new companies are entering the market. Also that there are special MIDI controllers. The developer has priced the device fairly and that might arouse the interest of the musicians. It looks very nice and I’m excited to see the end result of the campaign, and the product.

The Delta MIDI 001:model D is available now for pre-order on Kickstarter for an early-bird price of 188€. Later it will go up to 224€.  They need £13,488 to make the project happen.

More information: Delta MIDI 

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