KQ Sampei, a multi-timbral AUv3 Soundfont sampler Synthesizer for iOS

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KQ Sampei is a straightforward multi-timbral AUv3 sampler Synthesizer for iOS (iPhone/iPad) with Soundfont file support. 

If you want to build a large playable instrument from many samples, you need a sampler in which you can put them together. Practical is here sound set formats such as Soundfont, with which you can quickly craft your own virtual instruments

These can then be played in sampler plugins or on iOS devices. A new app that can do that for little money is KQ Sampei from Ryouta Kira, the developer of the lovely Monotron emulations KQ Unotone or the DX-7 style FM synth KQ Dixie.

KQ Sampei

KQ Sampei

KQ Sampei is a new multi-timbral sample player Synthesizer for iOS that focuses on complete sound sets instead of individual sample files. It supports sound set formats such as Sound Font (sf2), Compressed Sound Font (sf3), and Downloadable Sound (DLS).

The nice thing about these formats is that they are very common in the sampling world, but also that you have complete multi-sampled instruments on your fingertips without sample mappings in the app. KQ Sampei allows building large patches with multiple sound files. However, you are limited to the RAM of the iPad or iPhone. With the upcoming iOS 16, more RAM will be freed up for apps. So you can could even bigger patches.

KQ Sampei works in multi-timbral and allows you to layer multiple sounds in a patch. You can also split them across the keyboard and modify them right in the app.

For each layer, you get a pitch bend, fine-tune, volume, ADR envelope, filter with cutoff and resonance controls, and more. Then, you have additional modifiers per sound set that adds, for example, a soft pedal function and a GS custom controller to your sound.

It also comes with a wide range of MIDI features. It includes a MIDI file player that supports standard MIDI files and RIFF MIDI files including multiple ports and loops. There is also full support for MIDI messages (GM, GS, XG, MPE), as well as micro-tuning via Place AnaMark TUN files.


The app comes in two flavors. First, you get a standalone version with Inter-App Audio that gives you a single instance. Secondly, there is an AUv3 version great for multiple instances that can be used in host apps like GarageBand, AUM, Cubasis, Auria Pro, and more. As a bonus, you get a free prepared sound set “GeneralUser GS” by S. Christian Collins with additional modifiers.

A simple app that gives you access to sound fonts files and more on your iPad or iPhone. A very handy app and don’t worry, the app also has a horizontal mode with full-screen support.

KQ Sampei is available now for $5,99 USD and runs on iPhones and iPads as a standalone app or AUv3 plugin.

More information here: Ryouta Kira (AppStore) 

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