Black Corporation XERXES poly analog Synthesizer gets an MK2 treatment

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Black Corporation gives its Elka Synthex replicant XERXES poly analog Synthesizer an Mk2 treatment with updated hardware and price. 

Clone, Replica, or a Replicant call it what you like. One thing is certain: Black Corporation crafts numerous high-quality analog polyphonic synthesizers that draw heavily on ideas from the past. Like the Deckard’s Dream Mk2 based on the CS-80 or the Roland Jupiter-8-style synthesizer ISE-NIN.

Black Corporation always talks about replicants (Blade Runner), because the synths are not 1 to 1 clones/replicas, but further developments of the original designs with presets, polyphonic aftertouch, MPE… After the Deckard’s Dream, the Elka Synthex “replicant ” XERXES is now also getting an Mk2 version due to popular demand.

Black Corporation XERXES MK2

Black Corporation XERXES MK2

As a reminder: XERXES is an 8-voice polyphonic analog Synthesizer that is inspired by the iconic Elka Synthex Synthesizer from the past. It features two discrete logic DCO’s per voice with four waveforms, octave switch, transpose, oscillator PWM, PAM, ring modulator, and more. There is an analog multimode filter (HP/BP/LP) including cutoff, resonance, envelope, and keyboard controls.

Modulation side, it comes with two syncable LFOs and 2 ADSR envelopes. Like the Elka Synthex, the modulation engine uses buttons with which you can switch the modulators to specific parameters. To refine your sounds, it comes with an analog BBD stereo chorus. It also supports polyphonic aftertouch, MPE, and the option to save up to 128 presets.

What’s New In MK2

Besides a darker front panel design, Black Corporation also updated the circuits of the XERXES MK2. It has a completely updated VCA section, balanced outputs, audio over USB, and several other improvements under the hood.

Back by popular demand, we are starting the preorder for our second run of XERXES, which will also be getting the MK2 treatment! Because of the semiconductor shortage and their increased prices, this run will be limited to 100 black edition units and we are required to raise the market price of the synth

Looks very nice, definitely sounds as great as the MK1 but still a synth that is not compatible with my budget. Unfortunately…

Black Corporation is available now for pre-order and is ready for shipping in October 2022. It will cost $4499 USD and for pre-order, you have to pay in advance $1499 USD, and the remaining balance of $3000 USD when the product is ready.

More information here: Black Corporation 

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