Superbooth 22: Ritual Electronics Aranea 5×5 matrix mixer & Anima mk2

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Superbooth 22: Ritual Electronics announced two new Eurorack modules: Aranea, a 5×4 matrix mixer, and Anima mk2 with new functionalities. 

The young French company Ritual Electronics has produced exciting modules in recent years. Above all, their very simple and clear design makes them very hands-on.

At Superbooth 22, they announced two new modules, a major makeover and a brand-new one.

Ritual Electronics Aranea

Ritual Electronics Anima Mk2

Starting with the updated modules. Anima is a digital function generator and oscillator initially launched in late 2019. According to Ritual Instruments, the first generation is sold out and they need to change components due to the component shortage. So they took the opportunity and showed at Superbooth 22 an Mk2 version with new functionalities.

Anima Mk2 still has the same compact 18HP compact with the same two-channel layout and attenuverters for every CV input. First change can be seen in the user interface. You can now turn on/off the cycling functionality at the push of a button or by using a trigger signal. T

here is an extra trigger output for the end of attack. Each channel now has End of Attack and End of Decay trigger outputs for more flexibility and self-patching opportunities. Then, with a long press on the cycle button, you can switch between unipolar/bipolar. The activity LED show the polarity status.

Ritual Electronics Aranea

Ritual Electronics Aranea

The new hot module for Superbooth 22 was Aranea a hefty 5×5 active matrix mixer designed for both audio and CV duties. Araena gives you 5 inputs (lines) that can be mixed into 5 outputs (columns). The layout of a classic matrix mixer. It can be used to create 5 different mixes of the same inputs. Great for complex CV applications, feedback patches, or for multi-channel diffusion.

Each knob consists of an attenuverter with 1x gain. At 12 it gives you full attenuation, to the left the phase is inverted, and on the right the phase is preserved. The Ritual Electronics developers say:

Having the choice of in phase or out of phase is very handy for the matrix mixer, whether with CV or audio signal. It also helps going from “no sound” to “full on” with only half a pot turn. Handy in Aranea’s dense but playable layout.

Aranea also has some special outputs: a global mix out, mixed outputs for columns A+B and D+E, and diagonal outputs (/ & ). These give you tons of options to experiment with the signal path.

Two very interesting modules especially the mixer looks super useful for big systems.

Ritual Electronics Areana will be available in early 2023. The new Anima Mk2 will be available end of the year.

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