IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro Is Now Shipping, First YouTube Reviews Pop Up

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IK Multimedia has started to ship its UNO Synth Pro and UNO Synth Pro Desktop analog synthesizers, the first video reviews are already out. 

The wait is over. IK Multimedia has today released the UNO Synth Pro and UNO Synth Pro Desktop made in collaboration with Italian boutique synth-maker Davide Mancini of Sound Machines. Both new synthesizers are analog and take the original UNO synth concept to the next level by adding more oscillators, more filters, better sequencer, more effects, presets & more.

And as usual, the first video reviews have already been popped up on YouTube. I linked them in the lower part. I also have a UNO Synth Pro to review in the studio. Since I put the focus of Synth Anatomy more on the website, sorry just more people here,  a detailed review will appear here for all who are still on written reviews. But small feature videos will appear on YouTube including a sound demo.

UNO Synth Pro

IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro

The UNO Synth Pro is available in two versions. Once with a rugged metal chassis with a 37-key semi-weighted Fatar keybed or as a desktop device in a plastic housing with touch keys perfect for mobile musicians. The engine is identical in both versions.

This consists of three analog oscillators with continuously variable waveshape, including pulse-width modulation (PWM). Then, you have hard-sync, FM, and ring modulator for more harmonically complex tones. Perfect for classic sync sounds, bells, or wobbly, strange sounds. Next to the three oscillators, there is a dual-filter that relies on the original UNO Synth 2-pole OTA multimode filter but also a new SSI 2/4-pole LP filter with self-oscillation. The dual filters can be used in series or parallel, with invertible phase, for a total of 24 possible filter modes. Tons of filtering possibilities here to check out.

On the modulation side, you have two full loopable ADSR envelopes and two multi-wave LFOs, all programmable via a 16-slot modulation matrix. Almost all parameters can be modulated here, including the effects.

Effects, Sequencer, Connectivity…

UNO Synth Pro offers four effect blocks: an analog overdrive circuit from the original UNO Synth, plus three new, custom-designed digital effects: modulation, delay, and reverb. External signals can also be filtered and routed through these effects using the external input. In addition to the original pass-through for daisy-chaining multiple units together without using a mixer.

Both units also host an onboard 64-step sequencer that offers both step and real-time recording, with automation of over 80 parameters. You can also write CV and gate automation in the sequencer. Plus, you get a 10-mode arpeggiator that you can record inside the sequencer as well.

Two noiseless, balanced stereo outputs, headphone out, micro-USB, and 5-pin DIN MIDI In and Out are available on the backside. For modular users, it also features assignable CV/gate connections with which the Uno Synths can be integrated into any modular system.

YouTube Reviews

After the first play, I can agree with my YouTube colleagues that its a very good-sounding analog paraphonic synthesizer. The operation is a bit more special at the beginning, but the engine is very deep. More on that in my review in the near future.

IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro and UNO Synth Pro Desktop are available now for 749€  and 459€ respectively. Attention, the prices on the IK website are without VAT.

More information here: IK Multimedia 

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