Noise lab Clang, ring modulator wave folder combo in a new 8HP module

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Noise Lab Clang lets you explore a unique twist of ring modulation and wave folding in a new 8HP shaper module for Eurorack.

Noise Lab is a young Eurorack company from Sweden that offers a range of exciting modules. I have reviews online of the oscillator and waveshaper.  They were able to convince above all with their high sound quality and their very clear interface design.

It was quiet around the developers for a long time. Today than a sign of life. Clang is their latest module release and more will come in the near future.

noise lab clang

Noise Lab Clang

Clang combines a ring modulator (four-quadrant multiplier) and a wave folder in a new 8HP module. It has three inputs that support both audio and CV signals. From here, it goes straight into the signal processing stage. It offers three versatile ring modulation modes.

The first is a classic ring modulator where a signal modulates the carrier signal with offset control. This type is perfect for bell or other metallic timbres. Then, you have a soft wave folder that bends the waveforms and adds even harmonics to the input sound. With the offset mod input, you can animate the folded signal.

Third and last mode is a hard folder circuit that generates an unusual center-aligned PWM-like waveform. You can either animate it using the built-in oscillator or via an external CV source. Plus, Clang also has an integrated triangle core oscillator normalled to the Y input.

Besides the inputs, you have two different inputs: the left provides the processed sound, while the right routes the signal via a VCA. The latter is controlled by the offset mod input and its level knob. The module is capable of creating bizarre, metallic timbres full of twisting harmonics.

I’m a big fan of waveshapers and ring modulators because they can easily take the simplest oscillator modules into new sonic territories. They are basically the complex oscillator entry drug without owning one.

Clang looks like an easy-to-use shaper module that can enrich any oscillator. Glad to see that Noise Lab has a new module and they will also be at Superbooth 22 in May.

Noise lab Clang is available now for 175€.

More information here: Noise Lab 

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