Space Brain Circuits MidiVolts Desktop, a polyphonic MIDI to CV interface

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Space Brain Circuits MidiVolts Desktop is a new compact MIDI to CV interface with 4 voice polyphony, different voicing modes & more.

MIDI is one of the most ingenious inventions. It allows us to control and play synthesizers with external controls or even with the DAW. Whether hardware or software, you can’t avoid MIDI. If you work with modular synthesizers like Eurorack, CV and gate come into play. And for incorporating MIDI in your modular synth, you need a signal converter.

Already in 2021, Space Brains Circuits published a compact MIDI to CV interface with polyphony.

Space Brain Circuits MidiVolts Desktop

Space Brain Circuits MidiVolts Desktop

The MidiVolts Desktop is a portable card-format MIDI to CV interface. The interface creates up to four voices from one MIDI channel. For each voice, you get a dedicated CV and gate output. Thus, you can work with polyphonic patches with up to 4 voices. They operate on the 1v/oct standard for Eurorack and most hardware synthesizers.

MidiVolts Desktop features 6 different voice control modes: mono, duo, unison, poly 3, poly 4, and CC giving a lot of voice flexibility. Further, it also includes a handy MIDI to clock output conversion as well as options to customize your SysEx MIDI messages.

The unit requires a 9V center positive power supply which is not included. Attention, it’s positive and thus most “negative” guitar pedal power supplies don’t work here.  Here is a demo video showing how you can play a Moog Grandmother Synthesizer in polyphony.

At first sight a very useful MIDI to CV interface. Especially considering that a Keystep or controller can only do monophonic M to CV. Here you get four voices, which is very practical for poly setups.

Space Brain Circuits MidiVolts Desktop is out now for 169,09€ from the official Etsy shop. It’s currently sold out.

More information here: Space Brain Circuits

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  1. You should take a look a MidiMuso. It can do polyphonic CV and much more. It can be chained for more channels. It is much more affordable and more flexible. I run a pair of them chained together. With of CV gates, and triggers and instant configuration available via sysex programming from the web or an app it is real deal. I am not affiliateds, just a fan.

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