Say Hello To Gotharman’s Tiny LD A New Multi-Timbral Granular Workstation

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Gotharman, an indie developer has just released Tiny LD, a new powerful multi-timbral granular workstation that is based on the Little deFormer 3. It features 16 parts with up to 8 stereo voices and includes Synthesizers, sequencers, granular effects, an analog filter and CV options in one device. Each part can be a Synthesizer with a morphable oscillator, a sampler or a noise generator. The signal goes then in two multi-mode (16 modes) resonant filters that end up in a VCA.

The sampler supports up to 43 minutes of mono sampling (half in stereo) with no loading time. 64 random generators, 16 LFO’s and 24 envelope generators give you a lot of modulation possibilities. To refine the sounds, the Tiny LD includes 8 insert effects that can be placed on any of the 8 audio buses (resonator, stretcher, FM, glitch shift, …).

Gotharman Tiny LD

On top, it comes with outboard effects (granulator…), a 16 polyphonic sequencer note tracks and 32 sequencer controller tracks that transmit MIDI CC’s. Tiny LD offers, in my opinion, a lot of sound design possibilities in a little box.


  • 1024 user storable presets and 1024 user storable songs.
  • 16 parts. Each part can either be a synth, a sampler or a noise generator, with 2 filters and a VCA. Can work as a multi-timbral sound module.
  • 8 stereo voices. Tiny LD is 8 note polyphonic.
  • One oscillator per part, that can either be a multi-waveform oscillator, a stereo sampler, or a noise generator. Oscillator and sample FM.
  • 2 filters per voice. 16 filter types.
  • Cross fading chop playback system for ultra smooth transitions between chops -See the LD3 XXX7 video for a demo.
  • 16 Audio Tracks (only 8 can playback at a time). Chops while recording. Playback starts immediately when recording stops, and chops can be rearranged and re-pitched (again: See LD3 XXX7 video). Maximum audio track lenght: 32 bars (with track resolution set to 1/2).
  • 8 audio busses, on which insert effects and optional analog filterboard can be placed.
  • 8 Insert effects, that can be placed on any of the 8 audio busses. Chorus, distortion, bit crush, pitch shift, resonator, stretcher, FM, glitch shift 1, 2 and 3, pitch shaper 1 and 2, FAT, filters 1 and 2, compressor, expandor, delay, roto delay, bright delay, bright roto delay, variator, time stretch, sample pitch.
  • 2 output effects. Delay, roto delay, bright delay, bright roto delay, granulator SQ, granulator (unsynced), xfade granulator, variator, reverb, abstruct0, time stretch, sample pitch.
  • 2 audio inputs and outputs. The inputs can be routed to any audio bus for effects and analog filter processing. Each bus can be routed to any of the outputs.
  • 16 polyphonic sequencer note tracks. Can be set to internal or MIDI out. Up to 64 steps per track and settable resolution. Position subtrack makes it possible for any step to play back at any position. 128 note polyphonic.
  • 32 sequencer controller tracks. Can transmit MIDI CC’s. Up to 128 steps per track and settable resolution.
  • Synthesizer Morph Knob and Sequencer Morph Knob.
  • 64 Random generators, 16 LFO’s, 24 envelope generators.
  • High quality MultiMec pushbuttons that should be able to withstand 1.000.000 operations.
  • USB: Connect a USB drive for importing and exporting of wav samplings, presets and songs, and for updating the firmware.
  • Audio: Stereo in and out. Left output also functions as a headphone connector.
  • Audio system:
    • Inputs and outputs: 24 bit, 44.1 KHz Cirrus Logic high end ADC/DAC.
    • Internal: 32 bit, 44.1 KHz.
    •  Sampler: 16 bit, 44.1 KHz.
    • Maximum audio latency: 1 sample – 22 uS (microseconds). 450 times faster than Linux based instruments!!!
  • MIDI: In and out.

Gotharman’s Tiny LD will be available in June 2019 for a price of 809€.

More information here: Gotharman

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