Elektron Leak, is this the upcoming SYNTAKT groovebox?

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Elektron releases a teaser with linked tracks made with a new instrument, at the same time there is a possible SYNTAKT leak on Reddit

Last September I reported on a trademark entry of the name Elektron SYNTAKT. This happened just before Superbooth 21. It has been speculated that Elektron will present this just before or at SB 21. In the end, the Swedish company had no booth and no product release to announce.

Musicians are still discussing an SYNTAKT groovebox to this day. Now the topic is moving again. And again shortly before the SB.

Elektron Syntakt Leak

New Sounds From A New Place

Elektron has very surprisingly published a very cryptic teaser video on YouTube in which you can’t see anything about a new product. Teaser like we know from Elektron.

Very interesting: instead of teasing a new product, they referred to a new music live stream on the Dublab radio station in which you can hear 8 tracks from various musicians including Yann Tiersen, Baseck, and more.  There are very nice tracks reminiscent of Aphex Twin style to Kraut Rock. Very worth listening to. And they are all made with the new upcoming device.

Turning the tables and putting the focus on the music and not on the gear I find an interesting different marketing strategy. One that totally makes sense because we make music with the devices. In this way, they can make the product attractive to potentially interested customers with its musical properties and not just with a feature sheet.

Syntakt Leak


An unverified photo of an interface has now appeared in a Reddit group. Is it an Elektron SYNTAKT leak or not? Who knows. It looks very authentic to me and could be real. From the picture, we can see that the device would be in the same format as the Digitakt sampler and Digitone FM Synthesizer. Above the display, you read 12 Track Drum Computer & Synthesizer.

The leaked interface tells us that the SYNTAKT could offer a mix of analog and digital synthesis. Possibly it has 6 tracks analog and 6 tracks digital or 8 digital and 4 analog parts. There are also mute buttons and modulation tracks. Otherwise many of the controls are reminiscent of the other two square boxes from Elektron.

Whether this is a real leak or a good Photoshop project is difficult to say. We still have to be patient and wait until Elektron lifts the curtain. A groove box with analog and digital would be very exciting. Stay tuned for the official information.

More information will follow here: Elektron

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  1. so 8 digital tracks (for fm drums, a copy/pasted Model Cycles engine) with 4 analog tracks (maybe watered down from the Analog Four) all in a Digitakt body. Dr Frankestein would be proud. So how this product, being digital and all, not overlap the Model Cycles and Digitone? Loopop will have a video up once the nda is up so very much looking forward how this compares (and complement!) the other Elektron boxes. So far the sound demo here sounds metallic af, too similar to the Model Cycles but lets see. Hopefully those Inputs could work as a lite Analog Heat.

  2. How many versions of the same thing can they pump out before people start smelling something off? I could write a little predictor app which just randomizes the main specs then like magic appears a new must-have Elektron box.

  3. The photo was posted and labeled as a Photoshop mockup. The posters should be aware of it but acting like its not fake brings in more traffic. I’ve seen this on 3 sites already and all have a commenter pointing you to the “it’s photoshopped” part of the post. I guess im the guy on this site. Wouldnt be surprised if it was elektron messing with us.

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