Novation Circuit Tracks Firmware 1.1.5 Upgrades Sample Time To 196,6 Secs Per Pack

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With firmware 1.1.5, Novation releases a long-awaited update for the Circuit Tracks, which increases the sample time by three times.

The Novation Circuit is one of the most popular hardware grooveboxes on the market. With the constant updates that the British company has released over the past few years, it has become a very versatile music-making tool. One of the points of criticism, however, was the limited sample memory

With the Circuit Tracks, Novation released the successor to this in February with a new design and some new features. The limited sample time remained, which deterred many from a hardware update. However, there is now a late firmware update that makes the new Circuit much more interesting. Now it’s official!

Novation Circuit Tracks V1.1.5

Novation Circuit Tracks Firmware 1.1.5

60 seconds was the sample time limit that you had per pack in the Circuit and Circuit tracks. The latter has now received a sample memory boost through a firmware update 1.1.5. The Circuit Tracks now offers more than 3 times more memory. In exact terms that means, you get now 196,6 seconds per pack what is more than 3 minutes.

Novation also says that this is only possible with the Circuit Tracks. Probably because the new internal hardware allows it. Also, the synth engine got a little update. The developers optimized it to reduce voice stealing that was occurring in certain patches.

A very nice update for the Circuit Tracks. The sample time has long been a point of criticism, which has now been improved in the new Circuit Tracks. Thanks, Novation. If this continues with updates like this, we can be curious what the developers will add to the new Circuit generation in the future.

The Novation Circuit Tracks firmware 1.1.5 is now available to download from Components. Circuit Tracks is shipping now and costs 389€/$399/ £359.99

More information here: Novation

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