Plugin Minute: Granular fun with Arturia EFX Fragments and Sinevibes plugins

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The new plugin minute episode features a three-patch sound demo of the new Arturia EFX Fragments granular processor paired with  Sinevibes plugins

Plugin Minute is a video series on the Synth Anatomy channel dedicated to the sound explorer concept. It’s all about experimenting with sound, combining plugins, trying interesting signal chains, etc.

In the latest episode I dealt with the new granular effect plugin EFX Fragments by Arturia. I also combined it with the much simpler but top-notch sounding plugins from Sinevibes. The result are three experimental patches, each representing different soundscapes.

Arturia EFX Fragments And Sinevibes

Arturia EFX Fragments is an easy-to-use granular effect processor powered by three might modes (classic, rhythmic, texture) with a plethora of parameters, rich modulators, different modulators (macros, function generators…) and a 3-slot multi-fx processor. Full article

Then, we have plugins from the Ukrainian DSP developer Sinevibes. Starting with Droplet which is  an innovative delay effect plugin that generates textures that sound like fine raindrops. Here is the full feature rundown of this special kind of delay.

Sinevibes Corrosion is a rich-sounding distortion plugin packed with 15 unique algorithms including very unusual ones like parabolic, sine clip, sine bend or symmetric warp. A plugin that infuse character and juice into any sound. Full article

S. Hollow is a huge sounding reverb plugin with 15+ minutes reverb tails powered by 24 delay lines, 32 filters and 16×16 feedback matrix. More detailed information here. Lastly, we have the Sinevibes Rerun, a self-randomizing plugin that generates chaotic rhythms, glitch effects, and more. Easy-to-use and very creative thanks to different engine playback directions and probability. Full article.

Arturia EFX Fragments is available now for 99€ and Sinevibes plugins starts $29 USD + VAT. They are available for macOS and Windows.

More information here: Arturia  Sinevibes

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